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Mark Ruffalo Accused Of Cheating On His Wife With A Member Of His Team And 'Can't Keep His Hands Off' Her

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Mark Ruffalo, Sunrise Coigney

There are rumors spreading online that taint the name of one of Hollywood’s sweethearts, Mark Ruffalo, claiming that he’s having an affair with one of the members of his team.

According to an anonymous submission from celebrity gossip page DeuxMoi, the 54-year-old “Avengers: Endgame” star can’t keep his hands to himself and is in danger of finally being exposed.

Is Mark Ruffalo cheating on his wife of of 22 years Sunrise Coigney?

Mark Ruffalo allegedly ‘can’t keep his hands off’ a member of his team and sleeps with her when he’s away.

For this blind, the submitter revealed that they were a “Marvel superhero who is known to be a family man and amazing husband” and that he likes to “smash” — pun very much intended.

As is typical with DeuxMoi’s celebrity submissions, fans are given hints to try and figure out who exactly the celebrity is, and everyone landed on Ruffalo.

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Ruffalo famously plays the Hulk in the Marvel cinematic universe — whose catchphrase is "Hulk smash" — and is also famously married to Sunrise Coigney, with whom he shares three children.

The pair have been married for 22 years and met before either of them had established their acting career, even acting alongside each other in the 2003 thriller, "In The Cut."

“With all these ‘wife guys’ coming out as sleaze balls,” reads the blind, “guess I’ll share one more that will certainly break a lot of hearts.”

The blind claims that Ruffalo “can’t keep his hands off a member of his team.”

“So much in fact that he has his assistant keep them apart at parties or events if his wife is around,” they continue. “When he’s away from his family she’ll meet him in whatever city he’s in to smash (hint hint).”

The blind makes no further mention of who the woman on his team is, but fans on the DeuxMoi subreddit expressed how sad they were to hear the news — even if they do take it was a grain of salt.

“Taking this with a grain of salt, but godd--- is there not a single faithful man in all of Hollywood?” wrote one user.

In the many interviews Ruffalo has done for his role in the Marvel cinematic universe, the actor comes off as a very soft-spoken, kind, and humane role model who is well-known for how much he’s given back to the community and charities.

According to his IMDb, Ruffalo is “a renewable energy advocate and founder of Water Defense” as well as “on the Board of Directors for The Solutions Project,” a project which hopes to accelerate the accessibility of renewable energy for all.

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When he’s at premieres, he often shows up with his wife and shows her off, not to mention the countless interviews where he talks about his children.

During one ironic red carpet moment, Ruffalo pulls his wife away from greeting fellow “Avengers” co-star, Chris Evans — who plays the iconic role of Captain America.

Although the moment was shrugged off as a joke between two friends, it’s ironic in the face of the rumors that are swirling around the man many believed to be a “wife guy.”

Of course, these DeuxMoi blind submissions should be taken with a grain of salt, but it would be a shame if one of Hollywood’s heartthrobs turned out to be unfaithful to his wife and his family.

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