Man Refuses To Switch Plane Seats With Newlyweds But Feels Like A 'Villain' After Passengers & Crew Turn On Him

He feels like the "villain" of their love story.

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A couple embarking on their honeymoon failed to book seats together on the plane ride.

When they asked a passenger seated near them if they were willing to switch seats, he refused.

Now he is wondering if he was the “villain of their love story” and should have changed his seat so they could sit together.

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The man refused to switch seats since aisle seats are uncomfortable for him.

Sharing his story to the subreddit thread, "r/AmItheA-–hole" (AITA), the man asked other users if he should have sacrificed his comfort for the sake of the newlyweds being seats next to each other. 

He began his post by revealing that he had booked a window seat on the flight.

Seated in the middle seat next to him was a woman whose new husband was seated in the aisle seat of the middle row of the plane. 

“Apparently they are newlyweds and they want to be seated together,” the man wrote. “They asked me if they can change seats with me to which I politely refused and gave them my reasons.”


He claims that his size makes it difficult to be in an aisle seat due to aisle traffic, and reveals that he suffered an elbow injury on a previous flight after he was hit by the drink cart. 

Additionally, the man was traveling on three flights that day, with this particular flight being the longest, and wanted to sleep against the window.

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Other passengers stepped in to try to persuade him to change seats. 

“The other guy who is seated with the husband tried to persuade me to change seats too, making a scene as if I was the scrooge in the couple's honeymoon,” the man wrote.

“I didn't budge and all the people around me, including the crew, looked like they hate me.”

While he admits he felt sorry for the couple that they could not sit together, he blames it on their poor planning. 

“IMO [in my opinion], if it is your honeymoon, I would assume that you made your reservations in advance,” he shared.

“Why the h-–l didn't you book seats where you will be seated together in advance instead of bothering other passengers? Should other passengers adjust because it is your honeymoon?” 


Redditors agreed with the man’s decision. 

“You booked your seat [specifically]. Sucks to be them but not your problem,” one user commented.

“If you want specific seats on a flight then book the seats in advance or tough luck, you don't get to bully people out of the seats that you want but didn't book,” another user pointed out. 

“On some of those airlines you pay EXTRA to book the exact seat, so why should OP [original poster] be out of money??” another user noted. 


“I assume they booked their hotel room together so they have plenty of time to enjoy their honeymoon, unless they screwed that up too,” another user shared. 

Hopefully, the newlyweds and other plane passengers could take the man’s feelings into consideration and change the narrative of him posing as the “villain” in their love story.

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