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A Man Who Told His Wife To Go Out And Leave Him With Their Kid Is Blamed For 'Losing Her'

Photo: Khosro, D-Keine | Canva, @ezekyal_ | TikTok
Impossible men in the comments section of a couples TikTok

A man named Ezekyal recently posted a video on TikTok joking about how his wife was getting ready to go out for her birthday, claiming that both he and his son were upset by the fact that she would be leaving them at home alone together.

Naturally, the video left its target audience — one that can handle a joke on the internet — and turned it into an all-out war between two sides: one that criticized him for “letting” her go out and another side that defended the father and the video that was very clearly a joke.

People claimed that Ezekyal ‘lost’ his wife by letting her go out on her birthday.

First and foremost, the text in his video and the caption should be noted and understood, which reads, “Me and son wondering why she leaving us by ourselves tonight (it’s her birthday and I told her to go out).”

The joke is that his baby is making a face that would normally mean he’s upset — but since he’s a baby, he likely has no idea what’s going on. Ezekyal saw the face their baby was making and decided to make an upset face as well, making the joke that the men were both upset with her choice to leave them. 



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He even explained in the text in the video that he told her to go out because it was her birthday, so, of course, she should have a good time. Not only that, but he even went further to write in the caption “he[‘s not happy with] her” along with some emojis to emphasize the joke he was making.

Regardless of the safe measures taken by Ezekyal, people found a way to have a debate in the comments about how he shouldn’t have let her go out.

Some men in the comments found a way to spin the narrative that she was going out to “meet her future husband.” Another man wrote, “She was never yours bro [it] was only your turn.”

A third person wrote “[She’s] wearing a topographical map,” which is entirely unrelated to both arguments, but I found it extremely hilarious because yes, her dress is a topographical map. Part of one person’s argument, however, was that she looked great in the dress and no woman in a relationship should be able to look that good in public unless it’s for them.

Women are allowed to do what they want and wear whatever they want, in and out of relationships.

Of course, with the exception of cheating or doing something that would intentionally go outside of the pre-established boundaries in their relationship — which is what the insecure men seem to have assumed she was doing.

Everyone has their own insecurities. However, being aware of your insecurities and not letting them take over any aspect of your life is a key part of emotional maturity and development. Just because you are insecure, that doesn’t mean that your partner should be limited to only going out if you’re there or wearing something that covers them up.

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These men argued that by letting her wear that dress or letting her go out while he stayed home to care for their son, he was somehow “losing” her, controlling behavior that PsychCentral explains is a sign of insecurity.

“Insecure people have no basis for predicting successful outcomes, they can only predict disaster in the future,” they write, adding that insecure people “persist in seeking control” in order to prevent the next disappointment.

They fear something that hasn’t happened, and in order to stop it from happening, they try to exert control over the situation. That’s what these men in Ezekyal’s comments were expecting him to do — to exert control over the mother of his kid, but both he and his partner are unbothered.

In the most recent follow-up video, both Ezekyal and his partner can be seen in a gym dancing in front of a mirror with the text reading, “Laughing at all the lil kids in our comments thinking they know our life based off a TikTok video.”



At the end of the day, a 7-second clip only provides a glimpse into what someone’s relationship might look like. People have no business commenting on someone’s relationship when they don’t know what it’s like.

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