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A Man Texted His Wife & Daughter That He Loved Them Before His Plane Took Off — The Woman Next To Him Said He Should Be 'Ashamed' Of Himself

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After a man boarded a flight home, he did what he always does and texted several of his loved ones that he boarded safely and loved them. However, his seatmate began berating him, telling him he should be “ashamed” of his actions. 

Before he could get the chance to explain himself, the woman told the man that she was going to “expose” him on TikTok for what he had done. So, he decided to hop on the platform himself to tell his side of the story. 

The man had texted both his wife and daughter he loved him before the flight took off. 

In a TikTok video that has been viewed more than 8 million times, the man (@berryd_treasure) addresses his wife just in case she stumbles upon the video his unhappy seatmate threatened to post. 

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“This video is for my wife. I figured I’d tell her on here so that everybody knows that I don’t have anything to hide,” he says, filming himself in what appears to be an airport. 

According to the man, when he boarded a flight and sat down in his seat, he texted his wife and daughter a message that read, “Hey, I’m on my plane. I love you.” 

His seatmate believed the man was being unfaithful to his wife. 

However, the woman seated next to him happened to catch a glance at his phone and saw him texting two separate women the same message. Assuming the man was cheating on his wife, the woman told him that he should be “ashamed” of himself for telling his wife, whose contact name is “Beautiful” on his phone, that he loved her before immediately sending another female the same message. 

“I had TikTok out before this happened so she said she’s got my TikTok handle and that she’s ‘gonna put it out there,’” the man claims. “I just wanted to tell you before she does.” 



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The man then gives his wife a critical task: “If you could go down to the end of the hall, and tell our daughter that I will no longer be texting her from the plane that I love her because I can only love one girl at a time, that would be great.” 

He also has a message for the woman sitting next to him on the plane: “You should probably learn to mind your own business, and I really hope that you see this since you felt it was important that you tell me that you knew my TikTok handle. Have a nice day.” 

Many people agreed that the woman should have stayed out of the situation.

“It has never crossed my mind to read random strangers’ texts,” one user commented. “This is why I have a privacy screen,” another user wrote. 

Others applauded the man for being a loving husband and father, sharing that their own parents do the same. 

“I’m 54 years old and my dad always sent me an ‘I love you’ text. He passed away three years ago. Please never stop those texts, I miss him every day,” one user revealed. “I’m 25 and married and my dad still texts me ‘Good night’ every night. It means a lot to a daughter. Good job!!” another user wrote. 

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Some disagreed, believing the woman seated next to the man did the right thing. 

“I love this!! Women looking out for other women!! Nice!!” one user commented. “This feels like gaslighting to me. And if it’s not, why make this video?” “I am happy the women held you accountable. Not fair to your wife,” another user added. 

In a follow-up video, the man responded to those who believed that his nosy seatmate was in the right. 

“It’s not fair to my wife that I also love my daughter?” he asks. The man adds that he texted his sons the exact same message and his seatmate did not have anything to say about that. 



If the man was being “held accountable” for anything, it was loving his family

If there are any significant takeaways from this situation, it is that you are allowed to love more people in your family beyond your spouse, and if you see a fellow passenger on a plane sending several “I love you” texts to different people without knowing all of the details, it is best to give them privacy and keep to yourself. 

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