Man Asks If He's Wrong For Sending His Parents To A Hotel For Being Too Loud While In Bed Together In His Guest Room

He's glad they have an active sex life, he just doesn't want to listen to it.

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Most of us want our parents to be happy together long into their golden years. But hearing the evidence of their *ahem* attraction for each other is another story.

A man is being called a "prude" for the way he reacted to getting an earful of his parents' enduring attraction to one another.

Posting to the "r/AmITheA--hole" (AITA) subReddit, where people go to trying to figure out if they were in the wrong in a conflict, he described the situation.


He describes himself in his post as an introvert, so his parents' "sex-positive" approach isn't really his thing.

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The man finds his 50-something parents' active sex life deeply embarrassing.

He writes that his siblings have always appreciated his parents' sex-positive attitude, but that he prefers to "keep my private life well private. Think Sheldon Cooper with less raw sex appeal."

And he says his embarrassment started right from the beginning of his relationship with his wife of several years, when his parents made a show of how cool they were with them sharing a bed on visits.


"I was mortified and my girlfriend, at the time, couldn't stop blushing," he writes, noting that he and his girlfriend had not yet slept together at the time. 

Now, it seems the tables have turned.

He and his wife just had their first baby, so his parents recently came to stay, and the visit definitely came with some surprises.

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The man could hear his parents loudly having sex in his guest room, and was disgusted by it.

He writes that the guest room bed isn't even against a shared wall, and yet we could hear everything."

"I don't want to hear everything," he added. "I don't want to hear anything."


His wife thinks he's overreacting and "thinks it's lovely that a married couple in their fifties still has that attraction and energy." He vehemently disagrees.

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The man asked his parents to stop having sex in his home, and when they refused, he sent them to a hotel.

When he asked that they at least refrain from having sex while he's in the house, they called him a "prude" and told him "that isn't how they raised me."

He responded that he is "allowed to feel how I did in my own home," so he told them "if they want to do that they can stay at a hotel."

Instead, they went to stay at his brother's house—who also disagrees with how he responded to their parents' sex life and criticized him for "imposing rules on my parents that they didn't have for us."


His sisters have turned against him as well. And while all the drama is making him unsure about how he handled things, he still insists "I have the right to be comfortable in my own home."

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Many Reddit commenters firmly agreed that the man was not obligated to indulge his parents' loud sex.

"People who have loud sex in other people’s homes aren’t sex positive," one person wrote, "they are exhibitionists who are forcing you to take an unwilling part in their activities."

A person with similarly amorous parents agreed. They wrote, "Growing up with that is hell, and can be scarring. I’d be pissed if my parents did that at my place too."


"[He] handled it better than I would have," they added.

Another user felt that "it’s your house and you should have the right to not listen to your parents having sex while you’re trying to sleep."

Still, a few commenters agreed a bit more with the man's siblings.


One user wrote of having had a similar experience, saying, "I wasn't really grossed out. I actually thought it was kind of sweet & romantic... I'm mostly just happy that my parents still like each other."

But even they conceded that being as privy to their parents' sex life as this Redditor was would probably be "traumatic."

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