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Man Refuses To Let Pregnant Wife Use His Credit Card Because He’s Trying To Save Money, Sparking Debate

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A man took to the subreddit 'AITA' to ask if he's the one in the wrong after refusing to let his pregnant wife use his credit card.

The man's wife is 28 weeks pregnant and currently on bed rest due to pregnancy-related complications told to her by her doctor.

Her husband asked if she'd be able to work from home while on bed rest because his salary alone isn't enough for them to live on.

"She however, refused and started saying that I'm being cruel to a pregnant woman. So I didn't speak about it again and have been juggling both work as well as household chores," the man wrote in his Reddit post.

He can't afford to hire anyone to help with household chores, so he is doing everything while his wife rests.

He explained how he's barely getting any sleep, and has to work at a garage outside of his full-time job.

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Due to the fact that money is tight in their house, he has started cutting the cost of most things except their bare necessities. 

So, when his wife asked to use his credit card, tensions arose.

"Yesterday, my wife asked me for my credit card because she needs maternity clothes. I reminded her that she already has around 4 of those," the man continued.

His wife tried to point out that she doesn't have many clothes that fit her anymore and has nothing to wear at home.

As a solution, the man went through their attic and found old clothes that don't fit him anymore since he'd lost weight. He gave his clothes to his wife and asked her to manage with what they already owned.

She immediately got upset, crying and telling him that he was "being cheap" by not allowing her to use his credit card and buy herself some new maternity clothes.

The man reminded his wife that expensive maternity clothes are not a necessity when he's been waiting to buy himself a new pair of prescription glasses for the last three months even though his current ones are broken.

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That angered his wife, and she hasn't spoken to him since their argument.

The man also explained that his wife refuses to buy any maternity clothes that aren't custom-made, and that they only have $150 in their joint bank account.

They don't have individual accounts, nor does he have a "hidden stash" of money anywhere.

Most people who commented under the man's Reddit post agreed that he was NTA (Not The A**Hole) for withholding his credit card from his pregnant wife.

"Just wanted to make a suggestion. Go to your local thrift stores or Goodwill and look for maternity clothes for your wife," one user commented.

"My wife found a bunch of nice name brand maternity clothes awhile back when she needed maternity clothes for really cheap."

Another user commented, "I'm 30 weeks pregnant, I went on Facebook marketplace for my maternity clothes. If she's on bed rest she especially doesn't need brand new never used maternity clothes since no one is going to see them anyway."

"I got a huge bag of used maternity clothes on marketplace for 40 dollars, and when it's over can easily resell in the same place for the same price."

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