Man Receives Note From Trash Pick-Up Worker Calling Him 'Lazy' For Using 'Oversized' Trash Bags

"You even double-bagged it for them!"

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An apartment resident was surprised after he discovered a note on his door after retrieving his trash can from outside after garbage day. The note was from the trash-pickup employee who slammed the man for making his job more difficult. However, many other people believe that he actually made it easier. 

The note left by the trash pick-up employee called out the man for being ‘lazy’ after he used ‘oversized’ trash bags. 

In a TikTok video that has garnered over 635,000 views, Gage Matthew White (@thegagewhite), explains that he lives in an apartment building where one of the amenities is having someone pick up their garbage every day. All the residents have to do is follow a few simple requirements. 


“You just gotta make sure that the [trash] bag is not ripped, and that the trash can closes… and that you leave it out at a certain time and bring it back in at a good time,” he says. 

One day after going to retrieve his trash can after his garbage had been collected, White found a note taped to his door. Upon reading it, he discovered that it was left by the workers who picked up his garbage. 

Apparently, they were not happy with the size of the trash bags White was using. “Oversized??? Don’t be lazy,” the note read. 

However, White demonstrates that the trash bags he uses in his garbage can are just the right size. “[Just] a slight push of the trashcan and it’s out,” he says, showing viewers how easy it is for him to remove the bag from the can. 




“Costs around 70 a month to be so fr lazy bones,” White captions the video. 

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Many TikTok users disagreed with the note left behind, pointing out that White actually made the trash pickup workers’ jobs easier. 

“You even double-bagged it for them,” one user pointed out. “That’s a normally filled trash bag,” another user wrote. 


Other users shared their similar experiences with valet trash pickup. 

“My apartment in Jax all the TIME. If they can’t lift it with their pinky, gotta take it to the dumpster yourself,” one user revealed. 

“I watched those people rip my bag and then give me a violation for a ripped bag,” another user wrote. 

“My valet trash doesn’t even pick up on my floor sometimes,” another added. 

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Although, one valet trash employee believed that the trash bags White was using were in fact too big. 

“I do trash valet, the bag is too heavy, I can tell just by looking at it,” they commented. “Y’all ain’t considering we’re doing hundreds of buildings a night we can't take 30-pound bags.” 


“Y’all weak boys for doing valet trash,” White fired back. 

Those who live in Valet living communities are sometimes given the option of receiving doorstep collection of trash and recycling five days a week. To make the job easier for those who collect the trash, it is recommended that residents take measures including no loose trash bags, double-bagging pet waste, no broken glass or sharp objects in the trash, and refrain from tossing oversized items such as furniture, boxes, and appliances. 

Based on his video, White clearly appears to do everything he possibly can to ensure that the valet trash employees have an easy experience collecting residents’ garbage. 


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