‘Dancing With The Stars’ Pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy Makes It To Poland From Ukraine After Arrest While Fleeing

Chmerkovskiy is one of many trying to escape the conflict.

Maksim Chmerkovsky Debby Wong / Shutterstock / Instagram

Maksim Chmerkovskiy has safely made his way to Poland as Ukraine continues it's resistance against Russia's cruel and senseless invasion.

In the scramble to escape the conflict is celebrity choreographer and 'Dancing With The Stars' Chmerkovskiy — brother of fellow 'DWTS' pro Val Chmerkovski.

What is Maksim Chmerkovskiy's citizenship?

Chmerkovskiy became a US citizen in 2019. He was born in Odesa, Ukraine but his family immigrated to the US when he was a teenager.


Chmerkovskiy was visiting his home country to work on the Ukrainian version of American reality competition series 'World of Dance' when the conflict broke out.

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His wife Peta Murgatroyd and son, Shai, remained in California.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy has been documenting his journey from Ukraine to Poland.

In a video posted on Monday, the Ukrainian-American dancer announced to his followers that he was going to try to get out of the country, saying, “I'm going to try and make my way out. I'm going to start making my way towards the border. I have options. Just a little nervous but I think it's going to be alright. I know it's going to be okay.”


The father of one asked fans not to panic if he disappeared from social media.

The Russian invasion has already taken a heavy toll on the Ukrainian population, but Chmerkovskiy has spoken highly of his people and their resolve to survive and fight back.


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Chmerkovskiy mentioned one of his friends who left the country with their kids before coming back to join the defense of Ukraine, saying, “The friend of mine took the kids out, came back and she and her husband are joining the terror defense force that’s been organized here and this is all basically just volunteers and locals that’s taking up arms.”

Chmerkovskiy was arrested while the battle for Ukraine rages on.

Chmerkovskiy spoke of the fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces, saying, “Just a lot of fighting everywhere. The streets are crazy.” 

The Dancing With The Stars Judge also spoke about how he was arrested, “I got arrested outside of here. All good, promise, that was probably the least traumatizing moment of this whole thing as far as Ukraine is concerned but for me, it was just a reality check.”


After Chmerkovskiy was released he retold the story of his escape from the country turned warzone.

Chmerkovskiy spoke about the traumatic experience of escaping Ukraine.

The star spoke about being crammed close together with others that were trying to escape the conflict aboard trains headed for Poland.

While on his way out of the country, Chmerkovskiy spoke about a heartbreaking interaction that he saw between a child and their father, saying, “What finally broke me is when I was watching an eight-ish year old boy hysterically crying and not wanting to let go of his father.”

Chmerkovskiy repeated the words that the child said to their father, writing, “If you stay, I want to stay too because if they kill you I won't be able to help”


Maksim Chmerkovskiy made it to Poland after an exhausting journey and says that the Polish people that received him are very kind and are treating him and the other refugees well.

If you want to help other refugees who are fleeing Ukraine, you can donate to Global Empowerment Mission's Ukraine Refugee Crisis Fund.

Global Empowerment mission has temporary travel and aid center in Medyka, Poland on the Ukrainian border and is providing necessities as well as travel assistance that would help people relocate to other countries or reunite with family and friends outside of Ukraine.


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