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Kelly Clarkson Reveals Her Shower Habit That Does Not Sit Well With All Of Her Fans

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We all have unusual shower habits that we participate in, including singing, exfoliating, and sometimes even tinkling in the shower. 

American singer and songwriter Kelly Clarkson is apparently just like us, sparking a heated debate among her fans after she shared her controversial showering habit that some people admitted to doing themselves, but had others shaking their heads in disgust. 

Kelly Clarkson revealed that she brushes her teeth in the shower. 

Clarkson discussed the habit on her talk show “The Kelly Clarkson Show” during a segment with guest star Kenan Thompson regarding proper shower etiquette. Clarkson confessed that she brushes her teeth while she showering, especially if she is in a rush. 

“I don’t regularly brush my teeth in the shower, I just do when I’m in a hurry,” the singer said before adding that she was in a hurry most of the time. 

Thompson, however, was not amused. “I’m on the whole other side where I find it to be gross,” he admitted. 

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In his newly released advice book, “When I Was Your Age,” Thompson wrote about essential hygiene habits, including washing your legs in the shower instead of “leaving your ankles out.” 

The two also discussed the habit of peeing in the shower, to which Thompson said he would be lying if he said he had never done it. 

“I pee almost every time in the shower!” Clarkson unapologetically admitted. “It goes back to that childhood sleepover when they put your hand in the hot water, sometimes you pee!” 

Thompson added that while he does not frequently pee in the shower, he always feels “so ashamed” when he does. For Clarkson, however, brushing and peeing in the shower saves her a lot of time in the morning. 

“I want to stay in bed as long as possible,” she said. 

While most people did not bat an eye over the fact that Clarkson pees in the shower, some were bewildered that she brushes her teeth in the shower. 

Some people expressed their concerns over the whereabouts of her toothbrush when she was done using it. “So does she just leave it in the shower next to her soap bar?” one YouTuber commented. “This is so gross, I would never do it,” another user wrote. 

However, many people admitted that they too, brushed their teeth in the shower and did not see anything wrong with it. “Honestly I brush my teeth in the shower when I’ve got conditioner in my hair because I’m just killing two birds with one stone,” one person shared. 

“I love the unfiltered honesty! I also brush my teeth in the shower every morning,” another revealed.

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While most people do not see the harm in brushing your teeth in the shower, dentists are urging people to refrain from doing so. 

According to Dr. Payal Bhalla, the lead dentist and clinical director of Quest Dental in the United Kingdom, brushing your teeth in the shower may result in dental health problems. The hot water that most of us use to shower could deteriorate the quality of the toothbrush bristles over time, making them less effective at cleaning your teeth. 

“Whilst most electric toothbrushes are waterproof, I wouldn’t recommend submerging them in water as it could damage the mechanism and bristles,” Bhalla told The Huffington Post. 

The head of a shower could also possibly contain bacteria that could compromise your immune system. “When you brush your teeth under the shower head, you may be exposing your toothbrush to those bacteria, again increasing your likelihood of illness,” Bhalla added. 

Kelly Clarkson Reveals Her Shower Habit That Does Not Sit Well With FansPhoto: Kuldonov Alexey / Shutterstock 

There is also the increased risk of slipping in the shower since toothpaste and mouthwash could potentially get all over the shower floor. 

Bhalla further urged shower brushers to, at the very least, remove their toothbrush after each use, “Moisture in the shower can create an ideal environment for bacteria to grow,” she explained. “Bacteria can build up on your toothbrush and potentially lead to oral health issues.” 

Whether brushing your teeth in the shower grosses you out or you find the time-saving benefits ingenious, one thing's for sure, the debate is far from over!

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