Husband Who Dumped His Wife Ends Up Paying Her $400 A Month To Not Divorce Him

A free trip to Spain sounds like a happy ending to me.

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A woman on Reddit’s “r/pettyrevenge” forum explained how she gets her husband to pay her $400 a month to not file for a divorce after he was the one who decided to dump her in the first place.

She wasn’t looking for advice, she wasn’t looking for any kind words, she just wanted to share her petty revenge story, which is the main purpose of the “r/pettyrevenge” subreddit. Despite that, many people shared their mixed feelings on what seemed to be a massive success story for her and her future trip to Spain.


The woman explained how she got her husband who left her to pay $400 a month to not file for divorce.

Before diving into how she hooked herself up with some extra monthly income of $400 from her husband, she provided some bits of the context surrounding her marriage and the way things went down — ultimately leading to their legal separation.

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“My husband of 25 years decided he wanted to split up. I unsuccessfully begged him to change his mind and spent a lot of nights crying on the bathroom floor,” she claims. “One thing to note is that I carried the health insurance for the family. He is self-employed.” This becomes an important piece of the story later on.


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After he remained unmoved, she and her husband decided that instead of getting a divorce, they would file for legal separation. He moved out, and in the meantime, she got “a BANGIN' new job” that would cover “100% of the health and dental insurance premiums for the entire family, with a $100 deductible. Sweeeeet.”

Since they weren’t divorced and only separated, she could keep her husband on her insurance with $0 cost to her, but she decided that she wasn’t about to just do that for free. “I am petty as hell. So I charge him $400 a month for something that costs me $0,” she said.


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She made sure to let him know that he was funding her next trip to Spain.

“He of course is welcome to get insurance on his own in the marketplace, which would probably cost at least 2x that amount for an equivalent policy,” she writes. “I make sure he knows it costs me nothing, nada, zip to have him on my insurance, and that his $400/ month payment is funding my upcoming trip to Spain.”

She explains that after filing for a legal separation, getting a divorce is as simple as filling out another form and paying $60. If she were to do that, he wouldn’t be able to stay on her insurance anymore, “So he is basically paying me $400 a month not to file for divorce, after not wanting to be married anymore. I love it.”

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Many people in the comments were worried that this would come back to bite her, citing potential legal troubles and suggesting that she simply go through with a divorce, but she wrote in an update that she has everything covered.

“This approach was approved by my family law attorney, my estate attorney, his attorney, my health insurance company, and my employer,” she wrote. “So if you know better than all those parties combined, have at it.”

For those who understood the true spirit of the subreddit, there were praises and commendations throughout the comments, with many people telling her to have fun on her trip to Spain.


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