Woman Explains How The 'Burnt Toast Theory' Helps People Alleviate Symptoms Of Anxiety

Burnt toast may seem like it will only add stress to your morning, but it may just save your life if you think about it.

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A woman on TikTok is sharing some helpful advice for those who suffer from stress and anxiety with an extraordinary new theory and perspective on life. 

She dubs her mindset “The Burnt Toast Theory” and claims that it has eased her anxiety symptoms tremendously. 

The burnt toast theory is the idea that minor inconveniences that arise in our lives are actually saving us from more detrimental issues.

Ingrid, a woman from North Carolina, shares her practical theory with others in hopes that it will help ease their anxieties as well. In a TikTok video that has been viewed nearly 650,000 times, she reveals how the burnt toast theory has helped her to accept things in life that are “out of her control.” 


Ingrid introduces the theory by providing an example of a minor setback, such as burning your toast before work, that may seem like bad luck; however, the time you spend preparing yourself a new piece of toast may actually keep something worse from happening to you. 



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“Burnt toast theory is the idea that if you burn your toast, let’s say before work, and it adds five to ten minutes to your trip, it’s actually saving you from something catastrophic,” Ingrid explains. 

“Maybe it saved you from a car accident. Maybe it saved you from running into someone you don’t want to run into,” she continues. “But this is the idea that inconveniences in our lives or when something releases us in the universe, it’s either saving us from something more detrimental or pushing us in the direction we need to go.”

Ingrid admits that she is someone who often struggles with accepting things that are out of her control, and anxiousness. She says that the burnt toast theory has helped her significantly and has improved her outlook on life. 

“Adopting this [theory] and really thinking about it whenever I might be upset about something that is out of my control has really grounded me,” she reveals. 


Although there is no way to tell what the “burnt toast” is saving you from, the mindset allows people to accept things that are beyond their control in life, ultimately easing their anxiety over such things. 

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People thanked Ingrid for her insight, many of them sharing that they will be incorporating the burnt toast theory into their own lives. 

“I love this, thank you so much for sharing the enlightenment!” one user commented. 

“I just love the way you put this and I’m going to actively try to remember this when things aren’t going my way,” another user wrote. 


“I used to stress so much from being late and rushing in the morning. At this point in life, I think, ‘I’m already late. Why try to rush my process?’” another user confessed. 

Other users revealed how the burnt toast theory has positively changed their lives. 

“Ever since I learned about the burnt toast theory I seriously don’t waste more than 5 seconds getting upset about small bad things that happen to me throughout my day,” TikTok user @larainparis shared in a video.



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Mental health professionals have also expressed their thoughts on the burnt toast theory, and most have a favorable view of the idea.

“While it’s impossible to say definitively whether or not this theory is accurate, it can certainly be a helpful way of looking at the world,” Haley Hicks, a licensed clinical social worker, told In The Know by Yahoo. “Even if we don’t know the full implications of a particular situation, believing that something bad happening could eventually lead to something good can help us to keep a positive outlook on the future.” 

Having a positive outlook on life can also reduce feelings of anxiety. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic determined that those who have a relatively optimistic attitude in life have lower levels of distress and pain, improved psychological and physical well-being, and better coping skills during hardships. 

While the burnt toast theory can help alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety, those who struggle with anxiety disorders may find it difficult to have a positive attitude most of the time.


It doesn't hurt to seek professional help where you can be prescribed medication and receive other impactful advice that will allow you to maintain a bright outlook, even during challenging times

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