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High School Graduate Is Denied A Diploma Over $15 Due From Freshman Year

Photo: @estarssecretaccount96 / TikTok
High school graduate in cap and gown holding up a diploma cover with a pink slip inside.

A recent graduate “almost cried” after discovering her high school would be withholding her diploma until she paid off her debts.

The graduate was shocked to find that she was denied a diploma on the day of her ceremony.

TikTok user Ellie McCormick, a former high school student at Millard West, shared a video of herself outside of the Baxter Arena where her graduation ceremony was held. She captioned the video, “Hot girls get a pink diploma anyway.” 

Dressed in her cap and gown, a cheerful McCormick lip-synced lyrics from Meek Mill’s “Going Bad” single as she showcased her diploma cover with a conspicuous pink slip that read, “Your diploma has been pulled until you have paid your Laptop repair fee. Please see the amount below.” 

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The notice provided instructions on how to pay the fee and where to pick up her diploma followed by a single strand of text addressed to the graduate: “McCORMICK, ELLIE J. $15 - LAPTOP REPAIR.”

Photo: Tiktok / @estarssecretaccount96

While most schools would normally alert students of any outstanding balances prior to the time of graduation, this didn’t seem to be the case according to McCormick. 

“Babe $15 u could’ve easily paid that,” one user wrote, to which McCormick replied, “I didn’t know I owed it!!”

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In the comments section, people expressed their shock and shared their own experiences.

One user recalled owing their school $70 for returning a laptop that was claimed to have had a cracked screen. “I never paid it so till this day I have no diploma LMAO.”

Another user commented, “My school tried to hold my diploma over 75 cents from me breaking a keycap …in the 4th grade.”

“15 dollars… just pay it... my school gave a fee of 250 if you did anything like take pics onstage at grad,” a third user wrote.

While most agree that the school may have gone a little too far over a paltry sum of money, at least they gave her the courtesy to attend graduation!

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