Report Claims Kate Middleton Has Moved Out Of Family Home With Children Amid Prince William Breakup Rumors

This isn't the first breakup rumor.

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Recent rumors emerged that Kate Middleton and Prince William had split due to an MSN post that caused shock among the public.

In a since-deleted post, MSN tweeted an article, writing: "Prince William and Kate Middleton separate as Duchess moves out with children", which caused many people to speculate on whether the rumors were true or not.

Did Prince William and Kate Middleton break up?

The article alleged that William and Kate had separated, and she had moved out of the home they shared with their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. 


However, according to Newsweek, the rumor is due to a false story shared by a French website called 'Oh My Mag.'

The website's publisher confirmed to Newsweek that the story was fake, saying, "This story is indeed false and has been published by accident. We are taking it down momentarily."

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A cached version of the article alleged that palace staff reported hearing a "heated discussion" between William and Kate.

The staff allegedly eavesdropped on their conversation during which "Kate expressed her unhappiness" in her marriage to William.


"When you married me, you knew what you were getting into!" William allegedly told Kate, to which she responded, "Maybe marrying you was a mistake."

The article claimed that after the argument, "Kate packed her luggage and left to her parent's house with her children." 

This isn't the first time that Prince William and Kate have sparked breakup rumors.

There had previously been rumors in 2019 that William had cheated on Kate with Rose Hanbury, a married friend of Kate's and someone who is part of their social circle.

It started when claims emerged that there had been a huge fallout between Kate and Rose, as reported by The Sun. 

"It is well known that Kate and Rose have had a terrible falling out. They used to be close, but that is no longer the case," an insider alleged to the publication.


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Kate was allegedly adamant that she cut Rose out of her social circle, while William attempted to play mediator between the two women since they all shared mutual friends.

Reports also emerged that the Palace worked hard to cover up the affair.

In 2019, The Daily Beast wrote that "at least one British publication has been served with legal warnings," due to reporting on the alleged affair between William and Rose.

Though that accusation has been denied by many royal experts.

In April 2021, royal expert Andrew Morton said that the "toxic story" was "false" and, although William and Kate "consider(ed) taking legal action", they ultimately "decided to ignore the chatter."


“William and Kate came out stronger than ever, the couple realizing if any proof were needed, that this was the price of a life spent in the public eye," Morton said.

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