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6 Lavish Details About The Lives Of Jeff Bezos’ Kids

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The name Jeff Bezos brings several terms to mind. Wealthy, innovator and engineer are just some of the first things people think of, along with a host of more negative words for some.

The word “father,” however, may not be one of the words to come to mind. With all of his obligations as one of the richest people on Earth, it’s easy to forget that Bezos has children of his own. In fact, he and ex-wife Mackenzie Scott have four children.

Being born to the second wealthiest person in the world, according to Forbes, certainly comes with its own set of perks, and Bezos’ kids have developed quite the luxurious lifestyle with their father.

Here are TK lavish details about the lives of Jeff Bezos’ kids.

1. The Bezos kids keep a low profile.

Bezos’ oldest son, Preston Bezos, born in 2000, lives a relatively public life and has appeared alongside his father on occasion. However, even searches about him redirect to his father, whose full name is Jeffrey Preston Bezos.

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Details about the other three kids, two more sons and one adoptive daughter, are very elusive. Even their names remain a mystery to the general public, as does almost any information about them beyond their genders.

Many have theorized that Bezos has used his influence to keep information about his youngest kids off the internet as much as he can. Megan Greenwell, a former editor for Deadspin, said on Twitter that one of her pupils lives in the same dorm as one of Bezos’ sons. When she tried to google him, the search bore no fruit.

Some have theorized that two young men Bezos tagged in a January 1 Instagram post could be his other sons, but it seems unlikely that they are upon further investigation. 

2. Preston Bezos attends prestigious Princeton University.

Preston Bezos follows in his father’s footsteps in more than just name. According to The Sun, he also attends the same prestigious Ivy League school that both of his parents did, Princeton University in New Jersey. 

His major, expected graduation date and more remain a mystery. 

3. They will each inherit $50 billion.

The Bezos kids already have more money than the vast majority of people can ever dream of through their parents' fortune. That number doesn’t even compare to the astronomical inheritance they have lined up, however.

According to a video by Income focus that details the Bezos’ kids lives, each of the four children are set to inherit $50 billion from their father alone.

That’s just a conservative estimate, as it is only taking into account Bezos’ current wealth and not the billions more he will inevitably earn throughout the rest of his life.

It also doesn’t factor in what they may receive from their mother, who reportedly received $38 billion from Bezos in their divorce.

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Needless to say, Bezos’ children have nothing to fear when it comes to financial matters.

4. The kids enjoy amazing family holidays.

Even someone as successful as Jeff Bezos needs a break every once in a while. Thanks to his immense wealth, he can go all out when he decides to take a vacation, and the kids are along for the ride.

In 2017, Bezos took his extended family, including his parents and siblings, to Rome for some much-needed time off. Then, in 2019, he had a whole group accompany him and his new girlfriend Lauren Sanchez to St. Barth’s in the Caribbean onboard a massive yacht. 

Bezos may be a businessman, but he knows how to celebrate when the time calls for it, and his kids are some of the biggest beneficiaries.

5. Jeff Bezos has reportedly bought property for each of his kids.

Bezos’ investment in his kids’ futures extends far beyond just his inheritance money. 

The Amazon founder spent $23 million on a former textile museum turned house in 2016. The home, located in the same neighborhood where former president Barack Obama once housed his family, covers 27,000 square feet and includes 10 bedrooms and eight full bathrooms.

Despite the massive purchase, Bezos does not live there full-time and instead remains at his Seattle residence, leading many to believe that he actually purchased the home for his kids to use in the future.

He also bought four apartments in New York City apartments overlooking Central Park in 2019 and 2020 for a total of $96 million.

The number of apartments matching the number of kids he has fueled speculation that he, once again, made the purchases with his children in mind.

6. The kids get to fly on his private jet.

There’s no better way to get around during the holidays than on a private jet, and Bezos knows that. 

The Washington Post owner reportedly spent $65 million on a Gulfstream G650ER private jet, the same one that longtime rival Elon Musk also owns. The jet can hold 13 passengers in the main cabin and can travel between any two cities in the world without stopping. 

There’s no greater flex for a kid than saying that their parents own a private jet, and the Bezos kids get to say that and so much more to their peers.

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