Daughter Calls Out Her Dad's 'Embarassing' Girlfriend For Not Being Able To Marry Him Because There's A Warrant Out For HIs Arrest For Not Paying Child Support

She claimed that both her father and his girlfriend are equally terrible people.

Emily @foulkeit_ / TikTok

A woman has issued a rather divisive announcement directed toward her father's girlfriend. In a TikTok video, Emily didn't hold back at calling her budding stepmother "embarrassing" for continuing to be with her father despite knowing his extensive and damning reputation, especially with the police.

She called out her dad's girlfriend for not being able to marry him because he failed to pay child support.

"You know what's so embarrassing? Not being able to marry your boyfriend and father of your two children who you've lived with for a decade because there's a warrant out for his arrest because he didn't pay child support [from his previous marriage]," Emily began in her video. "That's really embarrassing, Heather."




The 13-second video sparked over 200 hundred comments from people who at first thought Emily had been talking about herself. She made sure to clarify in the comments that Heather was the name of her father's girlfriend and that she would consider her father to be a "deadbeat."


In the caption of her video, Emily joked that it was "no wonder" her future stepmother had blocked her on Facebook, especially since her opinion of her is not quite high. However, Emily's PSA to her father's girlfriend didn't sit well with some viewers, who criticized her for only calling out Heather and not her father.

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"How trashy ... complaining [about] the woman when the deadbeat dad can't support his child," one TikTok user claimed.

Another user added, "It's embarrassing for him. He needs to pay child support."

"I hope you realize this makes HIM look bad and not Heather," a third user pointed out.


In a follow-up video, Emily clarified the details surrounding her father's relationship with his girlfriend.

After receiving an influx of comments from confused TikTok viewers, who wanted more details about what made her dad's girlfriend so "embarrassing," Emily explained that her initial video had been slightly out of context, but she had only been trying to make a joke out of a terrible situation.

"I am the child and my biological father lives off the radar and has been with this woman [named] Heather for at least a decade," she said. "I was just making a little joke about how it's not very girly pop of her and embarrassing that she cannot marry her boyfriend because he owes child support to his existing children."



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Emily acknowledged that it's "trashy" for her father's girlfriend to want to be with a man and have children with him, knowing that he isn't the best father to his other children and has no plans of being able to support them financially. She also confirmed that she does often complain about him too, not just Heather.

"I do complain about him, I can't complain about both?" she continued. "She blocked me on Facebook. I'm pretty sure she had a hand in him not paying. She enables him to not have to put his name on any legal documents. The house is in her name, the car is in her name. They're both garbage."

After receiving clarification, many people changed their opinions and agreed that her father's girlfriend isn't completely a saint in this situation either. 

"Whew, I get it now. I thought I was on the wrong side of TikTok when I saw your original video! Yes, he is trash, and she is enabling trash!" one TikTok user wrote, while another user added, "So glad I looked for more context on this one. I'm sorry he's done this but good for you on calling them both out!"


Emily's situation is extremely complicated, where both hurt and dishonesty lie at the center. It's completely understandable that she would feel slighted by both her father and his girlfriend, especially after learning that his girlfriend still wants to be with him and have children despite the cruel way he's treated the other children he willingly brought into this world.

Her being able to recognize the shared responsibility between both her father and Heather is a testimony to her maturity in an incredibly messy and disheartening reality.

Unfortunately, parents aren't perfect, and parenthood never comes with a handbook or a checklist. But there's one universal thing that every person should know before they become parents, and it's that all you need to have is unconditional love for your child, no matter what.


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