Boss Tells Pregnant Woman That She's Not Allowed To Eat At Her Desk Anymore Because A Banana Peel Was Found In The Trash

If she doesn't eat throughout the day, she'll start feeling sick.

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A pregnant woman was reprimanded by her boss for snacking at her desk after one of the food items she'd been eating was found in the office trash can.

Posting about the debacle to the British internet forum, Mumsnet, she explained that at the stage she's at in her pregnancy, she can't go without eating throughout the day.

Her boss told her she was not allowed to eat at her desk anymore after a banana peel was found in the trash.

In her Mumsnet Post, the woman wrote that the manager at the company she works for is known to often become picky with the employees.


"Our manager is well known for having what we call 'one of her days,'" she revealed.

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At her job, there are 17 people in her office, and she is able to have her own desk to work. Due to her being 26 weeks pregnant, she's been given a reduced amount of working hours since she's been suffering from hyperemesis.

Since hitting her 6-week mark during her pregnancy, she's been excessively nauseous, and as a result, chooses to snack to keep her nausea at bay.

However, her boss recently came into the office and announced that none of the employees were allowed to eat at their desks anymore.


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"She's announced that none of us are allowed to eat at our desks any longer as one banana skin was left in one of the bins overnight and she's told us about this and it makes her feel sick."

The woman tried to explain to her boss that if she doesn't have dry crackers to eat during the workday, she will get sick.

"It's the only thing that stops it. I'm still not allowed to eat."

Her boss is refusing to accept her MAT B1 Form, which is a certificate that verifies a woman's pregnancy, and instead wants the original copy that was given by her midwife.


When she tried to argue that she can't give over that form because they don't issue another one if it gets lost, her boss wasn't hearing it, and wouldn't accept a photocopied version of it either.

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A majority of the forum users agreed that she should take up the issue with the company's HR.

"You can’t go without eating, you will end up on sick leave until maternity. So if she refuses, you have to take a break every ten [minutes]," one user wrote.

"But she can’t do that - you need to make a complaint above her."

Another user suggested, "I'd write your manager an email and ask her to clarify the rule." 


"Say you need to eat or you'll be sick. Ask for alternatives - ask for extra rest breaks for snacks and ask if you can [work from home]. Make sure you say it is because of pregnancy."

A third user chimed in, "Pregnancy and illness stemming from pregnancy is a protected characteristic."

"Therefore she must, by law, make provision for you to eat little and often and not to your detriment. Allowing you to eat at your desk is a reasonable adjustment. No ifs, no buts, that’s the law."


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