11 Ridiculous Things That Couples Just Love Fighting Over

Let's face it. After spending so much time with one person, you're pretty much bound to butt heads over the smallest things. All of those little quirks that you found ridiculously adorable in the beginning? Well, they can get annoying really fast (and just become plain ridiculous). For starters, why does it take him five thousand years just to decide on a place to eat? Unless he's planning on eating with the queen, no one should take ordering out that seriously. Don't even get me started on the "Toothpaste Debate" (yes, the sheer annoyance of arguing over if you should squeeze from the bottom or not warrants capitalization — with the right answer being WHO CARES).

When I stumbled on Buzzfeed's video, I cried so hard from laughing at all of the pointless arguments reenacted by couple Elizabeth Triplett and Justin Abarca. Seriouly, my face was raining; it was that accurate. The fact that they're actually married in real life makes this video ten times better. 

If you can relate to giving your guy or gal some major side eye for doing any of these things, grab some popcorn and watch as hilarity ensues. And if you don't think this applies to your relationship, you're lying.