Woman Who Left Newborn Baby In The Dumpster Allegedly Lied About Not Knowing She Was Pregnant

Classmates claim she was open about her pregnancy at school.

mother throws newborn baby in the dumpster YouTube

An 18-year-old is being investigated after a newborn baby was found in a dumpster outside a New Mexico mall. 

The shocking moment was caught on camera as an Alexis Avila drove up to the dumpster by Broadmoor Shopping Center and left her infant son inside on January 7.

Alexis Avila was arrested after her baby was found in the dumpster.

The baby lay buried there for almost 6 hours with people throwing trash in the dumpster without knowing that there might be a human under it. 


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Around 8 p.m., the baby was found a couple of people after his cries caught their attention. Quickly removing the infant from the trash, they took care of him until help arrived.


One of the people that saved the baby told the police, “The baby was wrapped in a bathtowel which was dirty and wet and had dried blood on it, with the umbilical cord still attached.” 

The baby was then taken to a hospital. After examining the baby, the doctors mentioned that he had hypothermia due to low temperatures. Thankfully, the baby was able to get the required treatment and returned to stabilized condition.

Alexis Avila was caught on CCTV. 

The camera that captured the video belonged to Joe Imbriale, the owner of one of the stores, Rig Outfitters at the shopping mall. The police approached him in hopes to find the culprit. 

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Imbriale talked about the time he was approached by the police. He said, "Something wasn’t right, I saw the officers’ faces, and they did not look right. They really didn’t.”

He further mentions, “I said ‘what is it we are looking for’ and she goes ‘we’re looking for somebody who dumped a black garbage bag in your dumpster.’” 

After hearing that, he had an idea about what was going on because he further stated, “I turned around, I said ‘please don’t tell me it was a baby.’”

Imbriale was deeply disturbed by the incident and mentioned, “I can't sleep at night just knowing that this baby was just tossed in a dumpster like that. I'm sorry but who does that? That is evil. I don't have words for it.”


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The police were able to find Avila through the license plate number on her car that was captured in the video.

Avila said she 'panicked' when she found out that she was pregnant.

Avila mentioned that she was quite scared when she found out she was pregnant as she was just 18-years-old.

She claimed she found out about her pregnancy a day before giving birth when she went to the hospital due to stomach pains. 

The next day, she gave birth at her parents' home and wrapped him up in a towel after not knowing what to do.

Avila said she was, “panicked and did not know what to do or who to call."


However, text messages allegedly reveal that Avila told the baby's father she had a miscarriage back in the summer and classmates claimed she was open about her pregnancy at school.

Her mom said she didn’t have any knowledge of this when questioned by the police. Avila was arrested and had multiple charges against her. However, she was given bail after paying $10,000 on the same day she was arrested. 

That is not the last we have heard of as the case is still ongoing and Avila may face jail time. 


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