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Sheriff Says It’s ‘Possible’ Gunshot That Killed Alabama Corrections Officer Was Not Self-Inflicted

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Vicky White and Casey White

Authorities are investigating the final moments before Vicky White's death after officers found her unconscious with gunshot wounds following a police chase.

The search for the Alabama corrections officer and inmate Casey White who was, apparently, her lover has dominated headlines for two weeks. 

56-year-old Vicky White is accused of releasing the 38-year-old murder defendant on April 29 before fleeing with him.

The couple was tracked to Evansville, Indiana where a police chase left Vicky White dead of an, ostensibly, self-inflicted gunshot wound, but one Sheriff has presented another possibility.

Sheriff Singleton says that it’s possible that Vicky White’s fatal gunshot wound was not self-inflicted.

Following a pursuit and crash, Vicky and Casey were facing the inevitability of being caught by authorities. That’s when police say that Vicky White turned her gun on herself. According to NewsNation correspondent Brian Entin who interviewed Sheriff Singleton, the sheriff, there is another possibility.

Entin tweeted that Singleton says he "would not be surprised" if the shot was not self-inflicted.

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Authorities are awaiting a coroner's office examination before releasing any final details about Vicky White's death. 

Police have confirmed the existence of 911 audio believed to contain Vicky White voice from a call that she may have made during the chase.

In audio from Evansville police, a dispatcher noted during Monday's chase that "we could hear her on the line saying she had her finger on the trigger." The dispatcher earlier can be heard saying "they're calling into 911."

Casey White has been detained.

When police caught up to the couple, following a crash, Casey White was detained without incident.

He reportedly told authorities to help his "wife" — though the couple are not married — and said he did not shoot her.

Casey White has waived his right to an extradiction hearing, confirming he wants to go back to Alabama where he was facing murder charges before his escape and serving a 75-year setence for attempted murder and robbery.

While the two were on the run for 11 days before authorities caught up with them, hundreds of tips were reportedly called in informing police of alleged sightings. One such tip indicated that Vicky White had been seen leaving a hotel in a wig. This tip is the one that led police to the pair in southern Indiana, where they were taken into custody.

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Police have stated there are a lot of unanswered questions about why Vicky White freed Casey White.

Chief among the questions that many are asking is ‘why?’ Sheriff Singleton indicated his own confusion about Vicky White’s actions, saying, “We’re still awestruck as to why she would’ve pulled a stunt like this. It’s just come as a total shock to her law enforcement family in the sheriff’s office. I don’t know how to explain it.”

Vicky White’s autopsy is going to take place today, but it’s unlikely that the details of that investigation will become public for some time. For now, the exact details and circumstances of the situation are left up to speculation.

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