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Mom Arrested For Assaulting Daycare Teacher Claims School Is Trying To ‘Cover Up’ Abuse Of Her Son

Photo: Columbia County Sheriff's Office / YouTube
Kasey Brooks

Back in September 2021, a mother in Grovetown, Georgia was arrested for allegedly attacking a 61-year-old-preschool teacher at St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Church. 

28-year-old Kasey Marie Brooks was reportedly upset by how the teacher handled her child and resorted to violence during a meeting with the teacher and a school director. 

After the initial case went viral online, the school was quick to diminish Brooks's claims and investigators soon concluded that no abuse occured.

"After a thorough review of video evidence, investigators have concluded that no crime occurred," said the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office in a statement.

"We asked our District Attorney’s Office to review the case and ADA Natalie Payne concurred with our findings."

Now, Brooks is speaking out about what she is calling a "cover up" and is seeking justice for her son.

Kasey Brooks claims she saw video footage of a teacher abusing her son.

Speaking on TikTok, the mom says she watched "hours of abuse" against her 2-year-old, nonverbal son. 



She claims that video footage that has been shared by several media outlets is an edited version of the actual CCTV footage and does not show the abuse in its entireity. 

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Brooks says that the teacher in question initially resigned after Brooks requested to see the CCTV footage from the daycare but was later reinstated. 

Brooks also claims that the district attorney overseeing the allegations is a senior official in St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Church — the Catholic church overseeing her son's daycare program.

"Columbia County’s district attorney, Bobby Christine was the parish counsel president in 2007 at St Teresa of Avila catholic church. He is still an active member there," Brooks writes on a

Change.org petition page for her son.

Kasey Brooks claims she saw footage of her son being abused by a teacher. 

Shortly after Brooks was arrested for assault after hearing about her son's abuse, Brooks reached out to a YouTube channel called "The Jail Report" to share her side of the story.

"I know you’ll be sharing a picture of my mugshot soon," she said, "So I am reaching out to give you details from my side to help add some validity to what you report."

In the video, Brooks explains how she sought surveillance footage from St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Church's preschool program prior to the alleged assault.

"For 3 hours I watched…(his teacher) spank him several times, hit him in the head, slap him with a book, shove him to the ground, snatch him up by one arm and carry him across the room multiple times, slam him in his seat to make him eat lunch alone in time-out," Brooks reported.

She claimed that she also saw the teacher "pick him up by his ankles" amongst other things.

Brooks is convinced there has been several incidents as she says her son had an unexplained leg injury in August.  

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The mother filed a sheriff's report for the assault on her child. 

According to Brooks, the daycare director dismissed the teacher's actions and reportedly stated her employee would be keeping her job, as there was "nothing wrong with the teacher’s behavior."

It wasn't until the director could no longer deny what they watched on the footage before she asked Brooks what she wanted to do about it.

Brooks says she filed a police report against the teacher after she was released from jail. 

While confronting school staff over the alleged abuse of her son, the mom reportedly attacked a teacher.

After stepping into a classroom, Brooks allegedly hit the teacher in the back of the head several times, leaving her on the ground with a swollen face.

The older woman allegedly had bite marks on her left thumb.

Two witnesses reportedly had to pull Brooks off the older woman, who then sought refuge behind a locked bathroom door. 

While the woman was taken to a nearby hospital, Brooks left the school saying she'd "wait for her mugshot." She was later charged with battery.

Kasey Brooks wants justice for her son.

The mother has been vocal about the abuse online and insists that more action should have been taken against the teacher.

She established a Change.org petition to demand the case be reevaluated. 

"I cannot tell you the amount of families that have reached out to me with similar stories in Columbia county, yet none of these children's abusers are behind bars," she writes on the page, "And NONE of the abusers have even been charged."

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