20 Cartoon Characters Who Were Hunkalicious Back In The Day

Trent, Dimitri and Simba

It was totally love at first sight.

Those bangs, those come-hither eyes, that husky voice.

The only thing standing between us? A television screen.

Okay, I confess: His name is Dimitri from Anastasia. I was fangirling hardcore. YOU GOT ME.

But let's get real, girls: There are some cartoon characters back in the day who captured our hearts. Between Don Bluth and Disney movies, Saturday morning cartoons and Nickelodeon nighttime specials, the options for suave, hunkalicious eyecandy back in the '90s were practically endless.

So without further ado, let's hit rewind on this VHS throwback tape to relive our favorite animated crushes. And maybe it's just the nostalgia talking, but we still think these guys are pretty adorbs.

Robin from Robin Hood
Ladies, don't even front You know this guy was a total FOX … literally. And fine with a capital "F." And I don't know if it was his mad archery skills, the feathered fedora or his genteel manner, but there was this charismatic air about him that just exuded heroic confidence. Also, I'm pretty certain we can thank this guy for our universal weakness as females for British accents.

Trent from Daria
We're all Mystik Spiral groupies, aren't we? He was like every misfit girl's dream dude back in the 's. He was like an alternative punk rock Prince Charming with an artist's temperament, spiky hair, and a ton of "bad boy" piercings and tattoos. He rocked growing mutton chops that on any other dude would look douchey, but somehow, they looked smokin' good on Trent. Stay cool, man.

Li Shang from Mulan
Fierce Loyal. Trusting. Empathetic. Ass-kicking martial art skills. And abs of steel. LET'S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS … in my pants.

Prince Cornelius from Thumbelina
Let me get the obvious few ahem, weird points, out of the way: Yes, he pranced around in tights for the entirety of the movie Covered in glitter. With fairy wings. Whilst singing. But for all of his flamboyant tendencies, he was essentially the Prince Harry of the magical Fairy Realm. He rebelled against his parents' wishes and shirked his royal duties for love and adventure; not to mention, he had a pretty sweet ride. (His bumblebee was the tiny people equivalent of a Harley Davidson.) Let me be YOUR wings, Prince Cornelius. Wink-wink.

Miguel and Tulio from The Road To El Dorado
I know, I'm cheating because they're technically a duo Just consider them a package deal. A BOGO deal: Buy one hottie, get one hottie free. Besides their bromance being downright adorable, they were actually pretty hilarious. And they really cemented an early appreciation in us for sexy face fuzz, from Tulio's five o' clock stubble to Miguel's fully grown goatee.

Simba from The Lion King
Okay, as a young cub, he was cute and all, but then-OH MY GOD THAT HAKUNA MATATA NUMBER KICKED IN AND HE GREW UP INTO A HOTTIE, SOMEONE SAVE ME His struggle with his insecurities (and the courage to overcome them) was kind of endearing. The whole "taking revenge for my murdered dad and reclaiming my homeland" thing was pretty sexy. And don't even get me started on those bangs. Those Jonathan Taylor Thomas (circa 1994) bangs. UNNNFF.

Kovu from The Lion King : Simba's Pride
The only other frisky feline who comes close to rivaling that JTT-goodness was Kovu from The Lion King sequel. He was like a sexier, younger version of Scar. So excuse me while I try to go and recover from this weird complex I'm inevitably going to develop over lions. Like, OMG. Can you feel the love tonight? BECAUSE I CAN.

David Kawena from Lilo And Stitch
You remember that summer fling you had back in college? Yeah Enter, David. I'd ride his surfboard any day. He was adorkable in that "aw, he tries so hard" way, sticking by Nani's side even when she says he "smells like a lawnmower." (Why you gotta be a hater, Nani?) Not to mention, he rocked a sexy tan, washboard abs and flaming torches. Can we get a slowmo shot of him running on the beach, Baywatcher-style? Puh-lease?

Sonic from Sonic The Hedgehog
If you grew up playing video games or watching Saturday morning cartoons in the 's, there's no way you grew up without knowing about this little guy. He was a smooth speedster, a smart aleck and he was always kind of an a**hole. But in that ladykiller way. Just look at that smirk, seriously. He's broken a few hearts and he damn well knows it.


Rameses and Moses from The Prince Of Egypt
Brothers? I dig it If you didn't like one, chances are you liked the other one. But both of them were handsome. Actually, almost everyone in this movie is strikingly handsome to the point of it being friggin' unfair: their chiseled features, raven hair, and sun-kissed tans. But I should probably stop here before I blurt out something blasphemous … right? Like, "you could part MY seas, Moses"? Or, "seven plagues couldn't keep me away from YOU, Rameses"? (Sorry, I just couldn't resist.)

Otto from Rocket Power
Three words, baby: Woogity Woogity Woogity

The Great Prince Of The Forest aka Bambi's Dad from Bambi II
Okay, put the creepy bestiality connotations aside for a second you pervy-minded people and consider the facts: his regal mannerisms, his "I'm a total stag" strut, and his booming voice (thank you, Sir Patrick Stewart), not to mention his single dad status which was totally endearing and he was the king of the freaking forest So on a "hotness" scale of one to ten, Bambi's dad is a DILF (Dad I'd like to FROLICK IN A FLOWERY FIELD WITH.) And hey, I do love me some venison.

Nightwing from Young Justice
Remember the episode in the show when in addition to his Eskrima sticks, wrist computer, and martial art moves, he also learned to wield the power of TAKING OUR BREATH AWAY? Hot damn, Nightwing

Aladdin from Aladdin
The Disney animators totally knew what they were doing when they drew this heartthrob into existence, breaking the hearts of thousands of girls across the country Sure, he's kind of a sketchy character (there's that whole stealing stuff thing), and sure, he's a street rat. But in the end, he was loyal, determined and willing to waste his wishes on a chance at being united with the woman of his dreams. What a romantic, huh? And heck, this guy could make harem pants look sexy – that's a pretty incredible feat. He's a diamond in the rough, if you catch my drift.

Lumière from Beauty And The Beast
When it came to Beauty And The Beast, some of us swooned over Gaston for his burly manliness, and then some of us were in the camp of Prince Adam for his Fabio-esque hair But the rest of knew that Lumière was REALLY where it was at. He was a handsome, well-mannered, debonair French man. I mean, c'mon. What was NOT to like?!

Dimitri from Anastasia
He was the ultimate cartoon crush of the late 's. Hands down. Like, where do we even begin? The perfectly swept chestnut hair? The bedroom eyes? The snarky, yet lovable attitude? The John Cusack-y voice? He's pretty charming for a con artist and he definitely stole a lotta hearts. Bow down and take notes, Disney Princes.

Zak Young from Ferngully: The Last Rainforest
Did he have an unfortunate 's mullet? Yes. Was he kinda cocky? Yu-huh. Guess what? We didn't care. He was a hottie in his own right. Plus, check out the GIF. The boy's got moves like Jagger.

Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon
This guy had the "sexy mysterious stranger" thing down pat Tuxedo Mask (aka Darien Shields) starred as the token hot dude in Sailor Moon. You might remember him as being kinda like the Superman of the '90s anime: masked crusader by disguise, equally handsome high schooler by his true identity, and unwittingly charming. And he's almost always inexplicably surrounded in a glittery cloud of sparkles. Sounds dreamy.