Can Divorce Mediation Help Me And My Kids Move Forward?

After a marriage ends, a parent's top concern is understandably the kids. Along with worrying about their safety and happiness, parents often ponder many questions concerning their kids. For this reason, children are often a reason as to why many couples choose to remain in unhappy marriages, despite the fact that an unhappy marriage doesn't equal a happy family. When you finally decide to make the first step towards divorce, what's next for you and your kids?

Attorney Rachel Green discusses why you shouldn't worry about your family life after divorce and how mediation can smooth along the process for you and your children. It's time for you to let go of the guilt. There's no stronger bond than that of parents and their children; co-parenting doesn't have to change that.

Watch the video above for advice on life after becoming a single parent, transitioning into a co-parenting lifestyle and how mediation can help the two of you be the best parents you can be.