It's Okay To Rely On Others And Have Them Rely On You

We are all in this together.

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By Harry Pearse

We are all in this together! How can we not rely on each other? Everything we do is dependent on someone else doing something for us.

It could be as simple as buying groceries — the person at the checkout, the warehouse staff unloading and loading, the truck driver, the farmers — you get my drift.

In today’s world it seems that we forget about the role others play in our lives and the effect they have on us.


We get so caught up on how other people annoy us that we forget the beauty in the collective.

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Maybe COVID taught us something on how we misguide our attention away from the people who really provide the bazaar of our indulgence and the safety to indulge in it all. The key workers, the hospital staff, the mothers, the fathers, the supermarket staff, and so on.

Maybe if we all, individually, seek a path that leads us to appreciating one another, respecting each other and empathizing with each other, we may begin to see a positive and human shift in attitude throughout society as we know it.


Maybe to connect and have compassion with others is to develop the person inside, working on sustaining happiness and contentment with who we are. Then, of course, the energy and vibration is infectious to others.

As we build the bonds through a mutual empathetic mindset, we can begin to see life through the lens of someone else.

It has been tough for me, as I am sure it has been tough for you. We watch the inhumane suffering of children, the destroying of cultures and the hate that encircles the world, like vultures picking at the deceased. The guilt and the pain that comes with feeling helpless, and sometimes even hopeless.

Maybe as an individual, we can never help the world in a day, and maybe we can never solve the global problems of tomorrow. But perhaps together we can.

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Don’t we owe it to ourselves to try to change the people and environment around us for the better? After all, if we become not only conscious about the role that other people play in our lives, but also curious, we can begin to understand and value the strangers, the friends, the loved ones, who have all been a part of our forever evolving adventure.

When I think about what I have achieved, experienced, and discovered, I can’t help but see the faces of those who helped me along it all.

Of course, there have been people who have “rocked my boat,” to quote Bob Marley. But the number of people who have tirelessly helped me and nurtured me is quite astounding.

How could I ever be who I am today without the help of another? It’s impossible!


Life is about reliability. We all rely on someone. And someone relies on us. This by no means is negative. It’s quite the opposite. It shows the human ability to cooperate, to learn through the guise of a group or person. It shows us how adaptable and intelligent we all are.

The moment we begin to narcissistically care only about the id is the moment society begins to crumble.

I wrote in an earlier piece that even our past negative experiences can be seen as positive ones. This also goes for people who we may feel have hurt us, or have negated our existence somewhat.

However, we can only learn, right?


We can dodge and duck these people, but they will inevitably enter our lives, and we must be prepared to be understanding, learning from experiences of such confrontation.

We are all in this together! The more we appreciate one another, and the work others do, we can begin to realize we all suffer the tribulations of life. We are all suffering, succeeding, and living. We should see this as a beautiful thing.

The more we empathize with everyone, the better we can all become. Together, connected, and supportive.

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Harry Pearse is a contributor to Unwritten, writing about lifestyle and self-reflection topics. Visit his author profile for more of his work.