Trust Me, You're Not The Only One Who Feels Lost

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By Lalaine Badong

Are you feeling lost? Tired of your life and how it’s treated you for years? Stuck in a place that you never dreamed of? Not getting enough sleep?Thinking about how your life could have worked out if you’d done things differently?

Have you ever been beaten up by so many questions in your head, while the only thing you can ask in return is, “God, why do I deserve this?”

In a world full of great things, other people’s lives appear filled with happiness, all the beautiful places they’ve visited, and so much love.

When you see other’s seemingly perfect lives, it’s easy to wonder why things aren’t working out for you.

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You’ve tried over and over again to find what’s out there for you, but end up crying yourself to sleep at night.

You continue searching for the right path, the right people, the right words, but find nothing.

People experience different kinds of heartaches. It is not just you who is looking for something new. It’s not just you who thinks that other people are given things on a silver platter. It’s not just you who sees others’ lavish lifestyle resulting in you not feeling good about yours.

If you are lost right now, you are not the only one.

If you are tired of your daily routine, you are not the only one.

If you are trapped having the same regrets about your past and what it did to you, you are not the only one.

If you think that your life would be better if you’d done things differently, why don’t you try to look at it the other way? Things could have been worse if you chose the alternative option.

What you can work on right now is aiming to see things positively. Challenges are given to us so that we can learn from them. Accept what is and embrace what is there.

Instead of wasting your time thinking about why you deserve to be treated like this, ask, “God, what is it that You are trying to tell me?”

Feeling alone doesn’t necessarily make you alone. Look around. You’ll see that there are a whole lot of people who really care, but you need to reach out.

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It doesn’t even mean that you are the only one experiencing pain. Let go of the things that feel so heavy.

It’s okay to make the wrong choices for the first time.

It’s okay to give love to the wrong people, even if most of the time they don’t deserve any of it.

It is okay to be wrong.

It’s okay to cry over silly things because they matter to you.

It’s okay to fail, but try again, start over.

It is okay to not feel good enough; it only makes room for improvement.

If you are to find yourself struggling on things that other people get so easily, that is still okay. You are going to be okay.

Nothing feels greater than getting things you really work hard for, right? You’ve made it this far, and you will make it through, just like everyone else.

One day, things will finally make sense and all the pieces will come together. You will realize that feeling lost for a while isn’t so bad.

No one knows why you’re going through what you’re going through right now, but you have to keep the faith and believe that you are exactly where you need to be.

To the place where you want to be, to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, to the job that you think best suits you, and to the person you can’t wait to become — you will get there and you will be that person.

Who knows? Maybe tomorrow or the next day, better opportunities are coming your way. Keep moving forward and buckle up, fighter!

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Lalaine Badong is a writer, singer, and architect whose work focuses on relationships and lifestyle topics. Visit her author profile on Unwritten for more.

This article was originally published at Unwritten. Reprinted with permission from the author.