Why I Want To Conquer The World With You By My Side

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By Rayi Noormega

We knew from the beginning that the magic started between us because we had so many things in common.

We knew we were on the same wavelength as soon as our eyes locked while you stood right there, across the room.

We can’t deny the gravitational pull between us, and looking at you feels like looking at my own reflection.

I can’t stop imagining how glorious it would be to do something that we like the most together: To travel the world.

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We will begin to search the world map for our ideal cities.

As we trace each country on the map our fingers will meet and we’ll ignite a spark.

Then, we will compare the stamps on our passports; sharing the stories behind each stamp; the beauties of the seasons, the lovely people who we’ve met, the life lessons that we’ve gained, and the inspirational things that we’ve found in each country .

Then will come the day that we go to another country together.

The airport will become our playground.

We’ll explore the book stores and compare our favorite authors.

As we wait for the flight, we will pass the time by sharing stories, because I will never get bored of listening to yours.

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I will make you tell me about your deepest secrets as I share with you mine.

You will make me sit beside the plane window because you know how much I adore the sky.

You know that I look at the horizon the same as I defined my life, limitless and with no boundaries.

Your shoulder will be my favorite place to rest my head and your arm will be the only thing I hold during the flight.

I will make you listen to Coldplay songs through the left earphone while I have the right; then you will force me to listen to your music which I’ve never understood until now.

As we step into a new country for the first time, we will adjust ourselves with the new air.

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We will be stunned by the city sights and the sceneries.

We will be filled with joy as we walk down the street, stopping to take a picture as you hold my hands and guide me through each avenue.

We will live our lives to the fullest as we travel through the sites each day.

We will challenge one another to try so many new things; skiing, diving, and trying all the traditional foods in each countries.

We will collect each moment and hold it close to our hearts.

The length of the trip will never be a problem because you will always feel like home.

Each second that we’ve spent abroad will be something to hold forever; to be captured just like photographs and the stamps in our passports.

So, let's travel; shall we?

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Rayi Noormega is a writer whose work has been featured on HuffPost, Elite Daily, Thought Catalog, The Mind's Journal, YourTango, allwomenstalk, among others. Visit her website for more.

This article was originally published at Unwritten. Reprinted with permission from the author.