How A Wife Discovered Her Husband's Secret Second Family While Reading Local Birth Announcements

She says the good girl won in the end.

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Some discover their cheating partner’s secret relationship by going through their phone, others might walk in on them doing the deed. 

But for Ami Addison, reading her daily newspaper gave her all the information she needed to find out that her husband was not only cheating on her — he had an entire second family. 

Addison shared her story on TikTok by duetting a viral chain encouraging people to share their story of how they caught their cheating ex, and her experience is definitely one of the most surprising ones!


Woman discovers her husband’s second family through the newspaper

Shortly before she was due to celebrate her 10th wedding anniversary with the father of her three children, Addison was flipping through the local newspaper at work. Reading through the birth announcements, she was shocked to find her husband’s name next to another woman’s name in the announcement of the birth of a baby boy.

Addison’s suspicions were immediately piqued as she said her now-ex-husband has a very unusual name. 


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Before making any rash decisions, she decided to investigate the hospital’s website where they share images of newborns and their parents. 

On the site, not only did she find a photo of her husband with another woman and the baby boy, she also learned that the couple had welcomed a daughter about a year and a half previously. 

Addison immediately made plans to confront her husband. 

Woman confronts her husband about his second family

She describes using her, "strong girl CSI skills" to track down where the other woman lived. The next day, when her husband told her he was working “overtime,” as he often did, she drove by the woman’s home and saw her husband’s car in the driveway.


Packing as much as she could into her car, she immediately checked into a hotel with her children.

Addison also dropped off her husband’s clothes and belongings in the rain beside his car along with an anniversary card. 

When her husband eventually called, he denied the birth announcement and claimed to be at a “work lunch.” Once he finally admitted to the affair, he promised to leave the other woman and return to Addison. 

However, she told him to “suffer the consequences.”

Then, Addison’s husband became increasingly erratic. He changed the locks on their family home, then allowed her back in but not before he had emptied the majority of the house.


Addison recalled a not-so-friendly exchange between her and the other woman who admitted to being aware of the situation for five years. 

Eventually, Addison was granted a restraining order against her husband and the pair officially divorced.  

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Her cheating ex tried to win her back — but she got her revenge.

But the story didn’t end there. Seven years after separating she received a Facebook friend request from her ex claiming to want to build a friendship.


Addison agreed to meet him for dinner where he claimed to be single and tried to win her back. Thankfully, she declined a later found out that not only was he still seeing the woman he had cheated on her with, he also had another girlfriend. 

Luckily, the story turned around for Addison as she has been happily married to her second husband for eight years and says, "The good girl wins in the end."

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