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Sharon Stone Says Surgeon Gave Her Breast Implants Without Her Consent — Could It Happen To You?

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Sharon Stone

In Sharon Stone's new book, The Beauty of Living Twice, the actress shares stories of medical experiences and traumas that changed her life, including a near-death experience she had following a stroke and a cerebral hemorrhage.

And the Basic Instinct star shared one nonconsensual violation that feels not only horrific, but truly shocking.

In 2001, Stone says she was undergoing a reconstructive surgery procedure to remove benign tumors in her breast. According to Stone, the tumors were "gigantic, bigger than my breast alone."

But when she came to, the doctor had made some additional adjustments — without Stone's knowledge or consent.

"When I was un-bandaged, I discovered that I had a full cup-size bigger breasts, ones that he said, 'go better with your hip size,'" she said in an interview with The Times. "He had changed my body without my knowledge or consent."

Why would any doctor do such a thing? Well, the surgeon in question allegedly told Stone that he "thought that I would look better with bigger, better boobs."

Unfortunately, Stone isn't alone in her struggle.

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Love Island star Laura Anderson had a similar experience when she underwent breast augmentation surgery at 18.

Anderson went from a 32B to a 32DD, even though that wasn't what she'd asked for.

"I’d asked the surgeon for the C-cup implants but they’d put in the bigger ones and said it’d save me cash in the long run as they knew I’d want them done again," the reality star told The Sun.

"But I hated them as soon as I saw them, they were massive!"

In addition to ethical considerations, Anderson's case drives home the importance of informed consent. While her doctor assumed she would want to go up in size again in the future, his choosing on her behalf meant she couldn't have possibly considered what the extra sizing would mean if she ever wanted to go down in size instead.

That was exactly what she did decide she wanted to do in 2019.

“This time," she says, "I did loads of research and had numerous consultations to understand my options and what could be done. Sadly there weren't many. I couldn’t have a more natural tear-drop implant or go much smaller as my skin was too stretched, which is what people don’t think about when they get surgery done so young."

She continued, "Due to my skin, if I wanted to go smaller or change the shape, the surgery would’ve been much more complex and the scarring worse — it would have also been a boob lift."

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Cheetah Girls star Adrienna Bailon had her own issues with breast implants, saying that she went in for breast augmentation surgery at the age of 19, wanting to go up one cup size.

Instead, she woke up to find her breasts were now 3 cup sizes larger.

On an episode of The Real in 2013, Bailon said, "I asked for a B and came out with a double D."

In an interview with In Touch, she clarified. "I was careless. I showed him a picture and thought we had an understanding."

Ultimately, she had her implants removed and lift done.

"I got my breast implants taken out because I looked crazy," Bailon said.

While most cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries turn out well, it's important to do your research when it comes to what exactly you want done and who you trust to do it, as well as to make sure you are communicating your needs and expectations effectively with your doctor.

After all, it's your body, your health — and your breasts.

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