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Dr. Laura Berman Issues Warning To Parents After Her 16-Year-Old Son Dies After Taking Drugs Bought On Snapchat

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Dr. Laura Berman and Samuel Chapman talk about their son's story

The life of Samuel Berman, a young college-hopeful junior in high school with straight-As, was tragically cut short after he accidentally overdosed on drugs, on February 7, 2021.

He purchased on the drugs on the social media app, Snapchat.

Berman was one of many children and people who are struggling with boredom during the pandemic.

The isolation led him to buy what he likely saw as a “safe” drug, and it turned out to be a fatal mistake.

Samual had purchased drugs laced with fentanyl. It’s a drug hundreds of times more potent than heroin, that is both odorless and tasteless.

Social media apps, such as Snapchat, have been popular for dealers and users as a quick and easy way to sell and buy drugs.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know the dangers it can cause.

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Dr. Laura Berman, the mother of Samuel, took to Instagram to spread the word about the dangers of social media.

“My heart is completely shattered and I am not sure how to keep breathing. I post this now only so that not one more kid dies. We watched him so closely,” she said.

Dr. Berman is a relationship therapist and best-selling author who is living through a parent's worst nightmare along with her husband, Samuel Chapman.

“He asked his dad for a cheeseburger and an hour later I went into his room because we had been talking about an internship for the summer that he wanted to do, and he was on the floor and…gone,” she said in an emotional interview with the Today Show.

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Now, Samuel's parents are spreading the message to save others.

Dr. Berman has created a Facebook group along with posts to her Instagram to spread their story, in hopes that it may spread awareness and possibly, save lives.

She also focuses on the dangers of apps, like Snapchat, that make the process of buying drugs too easy.

The “harmless” app has been known over the past few years, along with other big social media apps, to make illegal activities an easy gateway for teenagers.

Snapchat released a statement to the press that says they are committed to working with local law enforcement to solve the case.

They also stated they have a “no higher priority than keeping Snapchat a safe environment.”

Although it is likely Samuel didn’t intend to overdose on drugs, there are people out there who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction.

It is a dangerous trend that has taken far too many lives. Stories like Samuel’s hopefully can diminish that number, even just a little.

Nowadays, it seems as though it’s easier to buy a drug of your choice than ordering a pizza. That is a frightening thought.

Social media apps have changed how society works and made illegal activities, like buying drugs, a scary place to be.

Parents should be informed of the dangers they pose and know how to teach their children how to use it if they have a phone with social media apps.

No one ever knows what a child is going through, so having them informed is a great way to prevent dangerous accidents.

Let’s educate them on social media and the dangers of online activity. Let's tackle this problem and save as many lives as possible.

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, there are ways to help. Call or text SAMHSA’s National Helpline – 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or log on to the American Addiction Center's website for more information. 

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