Alex Trebek's 'Jeopardy!' Wardrobe Donated To Nonprofit That Helps Less Fortunate Dress For Job Interviews

Alex Trebek's clothing from 'Jeopardy!' will help poverty-stricken people find jobs and homes.

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On February 9,  Alex Trebek’s family and Jeopardy! team members donated a portion of the late game show host’s wardrobe to The Doe Fund, an organization that offers housing, education, and employment services to people in need.

According to a Jeopardy! press release, the items donated include 14 of Trebek’s famous suits, 58 of his dress shirts, 300 neckties, 25 polos, 14 sweaters, nine sports coats, nine sets of dress shoes, 15 belts, two parkas, and three pairs of slacks.


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The clothes will help disadvantaged people get back on their feet.

The garments were received by The Doe Fund’s “Ready, Willing & Able” program, which provides career training and opportunities to men who have struggled with issues such as homelessness, addiction, and incarceration. 


According to the company’s website, “It is the first and only program that combines paid work with comprehensive services to help men become permanently self-sufficient,” and has helped over seven thousand find jobs and permanent homes.

Trebek’s clothes will be used for occasions, such as job interviews, when professional attire is vital but often difficult for program participants to obtain. 

Trebek’s son, Matthew, is a long-time supporter of the New York City-based non-profit and was the first to suggest the donation.

“I consider Matthew Trebek to be one of our most committed supporters,” said Doe Fund associate Julie Androshick.


The son of the famed quiz show host said that he knew “immediately” what to do with his father’s wardrobe and that Alex “would be totally on board” with the donation.

He also extolled his admiration for The Doe Fund’s mission of providing a fresh start for its underprivileged participants. 

“My hope is that the confidence someone might feel in wearing one of my dad’s suits and ties will help them land a job, and more importantly, will help them realize that they are not alone,” Matthew wrote in a statement.

Jean Trebek applauded her son on Instagram for his “great idea,” alongside a photo of her late husband of thirty years putting on a tie. 


“It warms my heart to know that Alex’s suits will be donated to such an important cause,” Jean said.

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Alex, who passed away last November, was known for his contributions to humanitarian causes.

He donated money to multiple charities and spent time personally assisting with famine relief in Ethiopia. 

The executive producer of Jeopardy!, Mike Richards, remembered that “during his last day on set, Trebek extolled the virtues of everyone opening up their hands and their hearts to those who are suffering.” 

“Donating his wardrobe to those who are working to rebuild their lives is the perfect way to begin to honor that last request,” Richards commended.

The Doe Fund greatly appreciates the donation, and are “floored” by the generosity of the Trebek estate. 


Representatives for the organization also expressed sympathy for Trebek’s family in the wake of his death, revealing that they had recently lost one of their own: founder and president George T. McDonald.


George’s wife, Harriet, the acting president of the organization, said that she was “thankful that George got to see Alex's suits delivered to the people we serve before he left us.”

The Doe Fund commemorated the two men in a recent Instagram post, writing, “We know both George and Alex are guardian angels smiling down.”

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