7 Best Free Guided Sleep Meditation Videos On YouTube

You’re getting very sleepy…

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If the stress of your day is keeping you up at night and culminating in a nasty cycle of exhaustion and insomnia, you might benefit from guided sleep meditation.

Now more than ever, people are having a hard time getting a full eight hours of rest. With the stress of this year piling up, you might be experiencing higher levels of anxiety and depression, which results in poor sleep patterns.

A study done by Best Mattress Brand showed that 52 percent of people are staying up later as a result of pandemic-induced stress.


Sleep is one of the most important factors for a healthy life. It affects your physical and mental health immensely.

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Because of this, some people are turning to the internet for answers — specifically YouTube, which has a large collection of guided sleep meditation videos.

These videos are designed to help you learn to calm yourself before bed and get to sleep quickly. If they do it right, you probably won't even remember them!

There are many ways to get a good night's sleep, so do what you need in order to feel calm and restful.


Here are 7 of the best guided sleep meditation videos on YouTube.

1. Unblock All 7 Chakras

Lauren Fenton's voice is soothing and will help you drift off in no time.

Because of the positive affirmations throughout this guided sleep meditation, it's a perfect choice for anyone struggling with self-esteem or mental health.


As a bonus, your chakra energy will be flowing and healthy as you sleep! It's eight hours long, so you can leave it playing during the night.

2. Female Voice Sleep Hypnosis

This video uses hypnosis to relax your entire body and calm your senses. It features a soothing female voice to wash away the stress from your day.

The purpose of this is to ease you into sleep with gentle meditation.


3. Sleep Talk Down Guided Meditation

This one is a bit on the shorter side at just an hour in length. However, it's a guided sleep talk down that will help you unwind before bed and get you into the right frame of mind for a restful night.

The combination of speech and music will guide you into a peaceful sleep.

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4. Deep Sleep Hypnosis For Mind, Body, Spirit Cleansing

Your mind, body, and spirit will receive a cleanse throughout this guided sleep meditation. It includes rain and soft music to help you fall asleep naturally and quickly.

Who doesn't love falling asleep to the sound of rain?

5. Perfect Deep Sleep

This video is extra sleep-inducing because of its use of delta wave isochronic tones and binaural beats. You will be snoozing all night long after completing this fifty-minute sleep meditation.


Use headphones so you can get the most out of the binaural beats.

6. Self Love While You Sleep

Nicky Sutton delivers a power sleep meditation filled with mindful self-affirmations to improve the listener's self-esteem.

With this video, you will wake up rested and with a more positive outlook toward yourself and life.


Her voice is also very peaceful and comforting, as well as the music she has paired with it.

7. The Happiness of Your Higher Consciousness

This restorative video by Kim Carmen Walsh is aimed toward awakening your inner happiness.

This video is guided to help you find your higher consciousness and hidden happiness as well as put you into a deep, revitalizing sleep.


Play this video tonight to wake up happy and rested tomorrow morning.

Don't struggle with sleep! Spend some time with these guided sleep meditation videos and explore what you need to feel well-rested and feeling refreshed in the morning.

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