Cute Details About Martin Freeman's Relationship With Girlfriend Rachel Mariam

Meet Rachel Mariam!

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"Why does everyone have to pretend to be stupid and not know long words?" asked Martin Freeman, the English Actor who played Bilbo in The Hobbit trilogy.

A fair and honest question to ask.

After his breakup with Amanda Abbington, Freeman has mended his heart and found a new partner, Rachel Mariam. 

The two were spotted together earlier this month, prompting interest in her identity.

Who is Martin Freeman's girlfriend, Rachel Mariam?

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Rachel Mariam is a French actress and screenwriter who's currently 28 years old.

She was born in Toulouse, but is currently based in London. S

he’s worked alongside the director, Lenny Abrahamson, who was nominated for an Academy Award. She was born in 1992. 

She was recently featured in the Top 25 Features Scripts of the "Save the Cat" screenplay challenge for Juliet is Fine. A Couple of MOnths, Inherited, Warm Brothers, The Sympathetic Martian, and Shrimp were also included.

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Rachel Mariam is a successful screenwriter. 

Rachel Mariam wrote the screenplay for Juliet is Fine which has been nominated for several awards.

The screenplay was chosen (out of 3000 scripts) to be a quarterfinalist in the 2020 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship.

She was also nominated as a semifinalist for the Top 25 Feature Script and competed against Shia LeBeouf’s Honey Boy, which is one of her favorite films.

Her screenplay for PANIC was selected out of 4,800 scripts as a quarterfinalist in the Screencraft TV Pilot Script competition for 2021.

She's starred in a variety of films and television shows. 

In addition to writing the screenplay, Rachel Mariam plays the role of Teaching Assistant 1 in an episode of Normal People.


She also stars as Amy Malik in the show Call It a Day. Other shorts include, In Utero, Just Saying …, and Why Alice?

She's also worked as a screenwriter and producer.

Rachel Mariam wrote the short I Am, which is currently in post-production.

She also wrote six episodes of the television series Call It a Day.

In addition to writing Call It a Day, she produced it and worked in both the casting music departments for the series.

Apparently, Freeman introduced Rachel Mariam to his friends before lockdown.

An anonymous source confirmed that Mariam and Freeman have been spending quality time with one another in his house amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The two quarantined together in Freeman's home in North London.


"It's still early days but they are getting along really well," the source confirmed, "They both love the same films and Martin supports her acting and writer career. They have spent quite a bit of time together at his home in North London because of Covid, but Rachel was able to meet some of his friends before lockdown."

Before Rachel Mariam, Martin Freeman was dating his co-star Amanda Abbington.

Sherlock stars Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman have been in a relationship together both on-screen and off.

After a sixteen year-long relationship, the two split up in 2016. Apparently, they kept their break up a secret for a total of six months. 

Freeman and Abbington are the proud mother and father of two children. Their oldest son, Joe, is fourteen years old. Their daughter, Grace, is 12. 


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