How To Use CBD For Stress Relief & Better Sleep

Not just smoke and mirrors. Here's how to use it for stress relief, treating chronic pain, and more.

How To Use CBD For Stress Relief & Better Sleep real_content / Shutterstock

Stress and sleeplessness feed off of each other. When you’re feeling stressed during the day, it’s often hard to fully turn off your brain at night and get a restful eight hours. (Honestly, you’re probably lucky to get six.)

And when you’ve had a crummy night’s sleep, you’re more easily stressed by things, big and little. If you sometimes find yourself in this cycle, read on — and read closely.


Here’s what you’ve probably heard: CBD is great for managing stress and anxiety. But we need to go deeper here and look at personal wellness practices. 

You likely know that taking care of yourself is key to emotional and mental wellness, but here’s what you might not know: Feeling better and maintaining healthy habits comes a lot more easily when you get a little help from CBD, especially at night.

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CBD can help with managing stress and getting a good night’s sleep.

Peak physical, mental, and emotional performance is only possible if you’re sleeping well. 


Yes, CBD. Cannabidiol (CBD) supports homeostasis in balancing mood, improving cognition and focus, alleviating pain and inflammation, and improving energy levels. 

Beyond daytime stress relief, there’s an ocean of scientific consensus that CBD promotes sleep, primarily by taming its underlying causes, like anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. CBD can even dampen unwanted sensory input, like a lumpy mattress or a noisy neighbor.  

Sleep-deprived stress cases, rejoice! 

Enter our sponsored partner Zolt — super-smart, super-powered CBD drink mixes for daytime and nighttime.

In the crowded and sometimes confusing CBD marketplace, thank goodness there’s Zolt, a modern wellness brand that’s taking the guesswork out of creating your CBD regimen. 


In addition to being convenient and delicious, their products are incredibly effective because their CBD is easily absorbed and put to work by your body. 

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Hemp-derived CBD and other adaptogens.

Hemp is an adaptogen, one in an array of stress-busting super-plants which include ashwagandha, amla fruit, reishi (the “mushroom of immortality''), astragalus, and guarana, among others. 

Adaptogenic plants help bring equilibrium throughout your body, and are known to reduce inflammation, lower fatigue, improve hormonal balance, boost brain function, improve cognition, reduce cholesterol, boost immunity, and support mental focus. 


How adaptogens and CBD help fight stress and sleep disturbances.

Resetting your adrenal system, in particular, is crucial if you’ve been a stress case. Stress makes the system work overtime to stay in fight-or-flight mode, depleting it.

Leveraging adaptogenic super-plants makes it easier for your body to manage against external stressors and support homeostasis, especially during winter months. 

A number of Zolt’s products are fortified with organic adaptogenic plants in addition to the CBD, so you truly get the power of both hemp and other organic adaptogens. 


Taken together, other adaptogens along with CBD make for a powerful and effective team that works to achieve homeostasis in the body, taming stress and anxiety, improving focus, boosting immunity, and restoring the body’s natural circadian rhythm to make it easier to get that precious eight hours of sleep. 

Stress busting, for sure. But clearly so much more.

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Melatonin and CBD: A match made in heaven.

CBD is great on its own… But add melatonin and ashwagandha, and you get a truly powerful potion for rest and recovery: Zolt Dreamy, which can help you reset and restore your flow for the next day.


Zolt’s plant-powered drink mixes come in single-serving sachets, called mixie sticks, which include 20mg CBD. Because of their size and packaging, they’re easy to have on hand to mix with water whenever you need one. 

They come in a range of full-spectrum hemp and hemp CBD isolate formulations, unflavored as well as tea-based and fruit-infused flavors. Unlike other CBD products out there, Zolt never has an herbaceous aftertaste — it’s simply refreshing and legitimately crave-worthy.

Daytime stress-busting CBD.

While CBD isolate powder on its own will help with stress and anxiety (for example, Zolt’s Balance - Unflavored or Balance - Coconut), we especially recommend Rise+, Boost+, and Dial-Up+, as these products are packed with even more organic adaptogens for super stress-busting power during the day.


Nighttime reboot and recharge with CBD.

For sleep, Zolt Dreamy is a no-brainer — 20mg of hemp CBD isolate powder, 3 mg of melatonin, and KSM-66 ashwagandha. 

Dreamy’s formulated to help you get a rewarding night’s sleep that resets your brain and body for the next day, which is crucial to restoring your body’s natural rhythms and stress response baseline.

Break the cycle (without breaking the bank).

This has been a heck of a year, and we all deserve some serious R&R. Luckily for all of us, Zolt’s holiday sale is on right now, so stock up. 


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Third-party CBD lab testing matters.

Zolt works with third-party labs to test all of their hemp throughout the production process (three times, in fact) and every product batch can be tracked on their website  using the product code on the box.

— Created in partnership with Zolt.

Alice Kelly is a writer with a special interest in anxiety and stress management. She focuses much of her writing on wellness and relaxation techniques. You can follow her on Twitter for more updates.