How To Make A Ouija Board At Home

May the spirits guide you.

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Ouija boards, also known as "spirit boards," or "talking boards," have been in use since the mid- to late-1800s as a popular device for communing with the dead.

And while today, most people know ouija as a thrilling and somewhat scary game, similar boards have long been used as an esoteric connection to another realm with a deep history in spiritualism.

But you don't have to buy one of these board games at a store. In fact, you can personalize a board in your own home.


How to make a ouija board

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Learning how to make a ouija board yourself will not only be fun, but the extra care and spiritual energy put into making a DIY ouija board may even help strengthen the connection between you and the spirits.


You don’t need plastic, manufactured boards; you can make one yourself. It's very simple to do, and you probably already have most of the things you need around your house.

Just remember: No matter if you're talking to spirits or just digging deep into your unconscious mind, ouija boards are a meditative and spiritual experience. Even if you only use ouija boards for pure entertainment, it's important to use it with respect and follow all of the rules.

1. Gather your supplies.

Although the traditional method of a talking "board" has a wooden plank to use as the base and everyone uses a wooden or plastic planchette to push it around, in a pinch, you can use:

A sheet of paper
A pen
A tea candle
A small glass


It's a much simpler method for creating a ouija board that you can set up and break down in just a few minutes.

2. Create your "board."

First, cut or tear the sheet of paper into 28 pieces. Write each letter of the alphabet on 26 of the pieces of paper, and write “yes” and “no” on the last two pieces. This will serve as the board itself.

You can also tear two additional strips of paper to serve as the "hello" and "goodbye" areas on the board instead of spelling it out by hand.

Arrange the pieces in a wide circle; you’ll need the space in the middle for the planchette.

Make sure the pieces are spaced out well enough so that you can be sure of which letter the spirits guide you to and there's no confusion.


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3. Make your planchette.

The way to use a ouija board is that all participants place their index and middle fingers from both hands lightly on the planchette — the moving piece — and then ask a question and let the spirits guide the planchette around the board to communicate the answer.

The communication is not over until someone says "goodbye." It may be the spirit who ends the communication, but the living participants can also end the conversation by moving the planchette there as well.

In order to create your planchette with this method, you're going to place a tea candle the middle of the circle of letters and light it.


Then, take the small glass and put it face down over the candle until it goes out. Do not lift the glass. It will hold the smoke from the extinguished candle — this represents the "spirit."

Again, do not lift the glass until your communication has ended with “goodbye" to avoid angering the spirit and letting them loose in your house.

You never want to just "hang up" on a spirit. Even if you end the communication suddenly, you must say goodbye first before you lift the glass.

4. Create an ambiance.

Light some candles, dim the lights, and maybe play some gentle music in the background to really help you all connect and get in the mood for using your ouija board.


Make sure everyone has access to the planchette and can easily and safely move it around.

Do a little bit of light meditation, too, to get you not only in the mindset to receive answers, but also to know what questions you may want to focus on.

5. Ask your questions.

However large your glass is will determine how many fingers you can fit on the planchette. If you and the other participants can only fit a single finger on the glass, that's perfectly fine.


When you ask your question, be respectful and patient. It may take time for you to get your answers. And when you're done, don't forget to move the planchette to "goodbye" and lift the glass up.

With just a few items, you can make a DIY ouija board with very little effort.

And as always, have fun and be careful! Ouija boards can be spiritual and provide enjoyment, but when you're connecting with a realm not easily understood in our physical world, it's important to be mindful.

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