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Adorable Details About Ashley Graham's Relationship With Husband, Justin Ervin

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Ashley Graham Justin Ervin

Ashley Graham is an American plus-size supermodel and host of Pretty Big Deal, the show where confidence is key.

On October 19, 2020, the bold beauty posted a naked mirror selfie to Instagram.

“Nakie big girl,” she wrote in the caption, accompainied by a waving hand emoji.

Graham and her husband, Justin Ervin, welcomed their adorable baby boy, Isaac, into the world earlier this year.

After taking a hiatus from modeling, she’s finally back to strutting her stuff— down the runway and online. But who's her better half?

Who is Ashley Graham's husband, Justin ErvIn?

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Justin Ervin is a famous cinematographer, producer, writer, and director in the film industry. He directed and produced the short film, Six Months Later and the documentary, Elephant in the Room.

As a cinematographer, he is best known for Derby in Black, 12 Steps to Recovery, Elephant in the Room, Tunnel of Love, The Pain of Love, UFC Ultimate Insider, Peach Fuzz, Essence Black Girl Magic: A’ Dorian Thomas, and Down a Dark Stairwell.

He also worked as a production assistant on the documentary, Symbipsychotaxiplasm: Take 2 1/2 and the television series, Paranormal State.

His first documentary, As In A Mirror, follows Senegalese merchant-immigrants living in Italy. His film, Elephant in the Room, was selected at Garden State Film Festival, Vail Film Festival, and the Sand Diego Black Film Festival.

In 2012, received an MFA in Social Documentary Filmmaking from the School of Visual Arts in New York. He also enrolled in a courses at the American Society of Cinematographers in Los Angeles.

He created videos and campaigns for several clients, among them — Netflix, Aspire TV, Topic, BET, Centric, Staples, Pantene, Adobe, Conde Nast, Guess, CNN, The Gap Inc., and Swimsuits for All. In 2013, he started his own company, Element Films.


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How old is Justin Ervin?

Justin Ervin is currently 31 years old. He was born on December 31, 1988, which makes him a Capricorn.

What is Ashley Graham's husband's net worth?

His net worth is approximately $1 million.

What is Ashley Graham's net worth?

Ashley Graham's net worth is approximately $10 million. 

How did Justin Ervin and Ashley Graham meet?

The couple met at Sunday Church in 2009. It wasn't just any Sunday church day, however — it was Porn Sunday. In an interview, Graham explained that Porn Sunday is "a day where ex-porn stars came in and talked about how their life had been changed by church and God."

During the event, she was working in the elevator, welcoming attendees. "With his short hair, ill-­fitting, baggy Old Navy jeans, white Hanes T-shirt, and Converse sneakers, he exuded a major nerd factor," she said, "He seemed to be looking into my soul when we talked."

After dating for a year, the two were engaged.


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Ashley Graham's family was racist against her husband.

Graham reported that she grew up in Nebraska and "didn't grow up around many Black people." Graham's grandmother didn't even look Ervin in the eye when the two met.

At the end of their visit, all she said was, 'Tell that guy I said goodbye.'" Graham said. "I had never seen my loving, hardworking, and wonderful grandma be so hurtful and so racist. I was in shock."

"Racism is never surprising but always disappointing," Ervin said, regarding the matter.  

Justin Ervin and Ashley Graham's wedding was in 2010.

After a two-month engagement period, this power couple said their "I Do's" on August 14, 2010. The couple has been happily married ever since. 

Who are Ashley Graham's parents?

Ashley Graham's mother is Linda Graham. This mother and daughter duo have even modeled together.

In an interview, Graham said, “[My mother] was with me from the start and helped me through all the trials and tribulations it took to get to this point, so being able to have her actually in front of the camera with me and modeling my designs felt like such a surreal moment.”

The two appear together in the Swimsuits for All Power of the Journey campaign. 

Growing up, she had an unstable relationship with her father and was sexually assaulted.

 "When I had just turned 12, I loved to flirt and be flirted with," she said, "It didn't matter how inappropriate, unsolicited or confusing it was — any male attention was good attention as far as I was concerned ... I know now, this is because I never got the love and attention I needed from my dad."

Justin Ervin and Ashley Graham's baby is super-cute.

On January 18, 2020, Ashley Graham gave birth to Isaac. This makes Isaac a Capricorn, just like his father! 

On October 19, 2020, Ashley Graham posted a photo to Instagram of herself breastfeeding Isaac.

In the photo, she is surrounded by loved ones who have supported her through her first weeks of motherhood — Justin Ervin included, of course.

"Can’t believe Isaac is 9 months today!" she wrote. "9 months in, 9 months out Thank you to this phenomenal team for making my labor and delivery so smooth. We are so lucky to have the support from these amazing women!"

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