4 Best Wattpad Books To Read While Waiting For The Kissing Booth 3

4 Best Wattpad Books To Read While Waiting For Kissing Booth 3

The Kissing Booth 2 hit Netflix at the end of July, showing that there is still hope and good in this terrible universe we live in. But did you know the best movie franchise ever made was originally one of the most popular Wattpad books of all time? 

What is Wattpad?

With a platform of over 80 million users, Wattpad is the most popular website for user-generated stories. It aims to create a community of writers, both amateur and established. 

What made Wattpad so popular was that anyone could write a story. With anything, this meant that some were really bad, but also that many quickly overtook the popularity and audience of most published books. 

Wattpad quickly became a platform in which many teenagers (many of them young girls) could publish stories. 

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Kissing Booth, originally written by Beth Reekles (or just user name Reekles) has over 2.1 million views on Wattpad. Reekles originally wrote the story when she was a teenager and her story has since been published by Random House

The trailer for The Kissing Booth 3 came out just days after the release of The Kissing Booth 2. Scheduled to release sometime in 2021, there still a bit of wait before the conclusion of the best franchise ever made. 

4 of the Best Wattpad Books to Read

While you wait with bated breath for the next installment of The Kissing Booth, here are a few reads to keep you busy.

1. Cupid’s Match by Lauren Palphreyman (@LEPalphreyman) 

Cupid’s Match is a story about soulmates. What if the love of your life was determined by a bureaucratic agency? 

Lila Black is being spammed by a business called Cupid’s Matchmaking Service and is about to go give them a piece of her mind when she goes and finds out that Cupid’s Matchmaking service isn’t the harmless dating HQ it was made out to be. 

Instead, she finds out the place is run by angels, and that she has just been matched with a dangerous love god.

Cupid’s Match has over 54.2 million reads and has recently been published by Wattpad Books.

There's now an ebook and hardcopy, but Palphreyman has left the first, original draft of the book up on Wattpad free-to-read for fans to still enjoy. 

A crazy premise, lovable characters; this book was my all-time favorite when I first read it as a teenager.

The best part about re-reading old Wattpad loves is the nostalgia of course, but you also get to see how far many of these authors have come. 

2. A Pocket full of Posies by R.M. Parry (@Dear_Rhian) 

While Wattpad is mostly known for romances, the selection on the site is incredibly varied. You can get anything from mystery to fantasy, to historical fiction. 

A Pocket Full of Posies is about Felix Reynolds, a 19-year-old about to start university who can see the dead. 

His dead sister Annabel helps him maneuver through the trickier aspects of the undead, but there have been events and warnings that are now falling out of both of their pay grades. 

While the book has romance in it, it is not the main focus. That is not to disparage books on here that do (I would never), but this book does showcase the diversity of genre, premise, and talent on the site. 

R.M Parry is a 20-something contemporary YA and New Adult author. Wattpad, to the casual viewer, is incredibly easy to make fun of, but there is no denying how the platform helped young women break into a really difficult industry.

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3. The Subway by @Jae-Jae 

If you love horror and you love romance, you’ll love The Subway (both in terms of the book and the MTA). 

Do you love cramped spaces, death games, and helplessness? I don’t either, but I love reading about them! The Subway is about Gemma Conners, an 18-year-old senior, who finds herself held hostage in a subway car by a group of masked men. 

They demand everyone in the car to play along with their games, or they all die, and even more unfortunately for Gemma, she is trapped in the car with her classmate and “bad boy” Archer Daniels.

What can a person possibly ask for more in a book? There’s romance, there’s death, there’s adrenaline. Not all romantic stakes need to be about mean girls and a kissing booth; sometimes it can be a hostage situation and a cute boy.

4. A.U. @DreamCail

Love coffee shops and love adventure? Come live in the lovely world of A.U., which tailors to everyone’s escapist fantasies of just packing everything up and leaving. 

Damien Ryker is 22 years old and has moved over 14 times in his life. He gets a cushy job in a new city and is exploring the local shops when he discovers a coffee shop down the road. 

The coffeeshop is hipster, and the barista is awkward — but there is something up with the coffee shop that makes it a little strange.

Like the fact that there are earthquakes that seem to destroy it every morning before it miraculously repairs itself.

Charming, quaint, and magical, this is such a great feel-good read. It makes me long for a time when I could just mess around in local coffeeshops (boohoo); if I can’t go to one right now, I can at least fantasize.

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