Dolphins Are Enamored By A Nursing Mom At The Zoo

They're so interested in mama and baby!

Dolphins Are Enamored By A Nursing Mom At The Zoo getty

A nursing woman shared her awe over dolphins at a zoo who seemed extremely interested in her while she was breastfeeding near their exhibit.

Dolphins are extremely intelligent, highly social, and have a complex communication system. writes, "Dolphins can understand how the order of words changes their meaning. When taught to recognize symbols, they can differentiate between the phrases 'ball to the hoop' or 'hoop to the ball.'"


The marines have also successfully trained dolphins to find mines in the ocean. 

Dolphins are also empathetic and hold funerals for their lost family members. They also have been known to help drowning victims get back up to the surface. 

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The mom breastfeeding her baby gains the attention of the dolphins in the exhibit. 

Ashlyn Cooper was at the Indianapolis Zoo and was nursing her baby girl in the dolphin exhibit seating area because the nursing room was closed. 

The dolphins came up to the glass and were looking at her as if they were interested in what she was doing. 


"I am at a loss of words right now. I was nursing Ev in the dolphin dome at the zoo today because the nursing room was closed. As we were all chilling and hanging out...THIS HAPPENS!" Cooper wrote on Facebook.

It's as if they knew she was feeding her baby and one of the dolphins. According to the Facebook post, one of the dolphins in the photos is reportedly nursing her baby, too. 

The zookeeper told Cooper that they had never seen the dolphins act like this before. 


"There is so much about these pictures. One being how amazing, gentle, && loving dolphins are! They are truly amazing creatures. Another, like how flipping cool is this?!?!?! It’s like they sensed && knew what was going on," Cooper wrote. "Oh, and the fact that my Aunt Brandi’s favorite animal in the world (obsession) was dolphins. As you can see on my face, it was a lot to take in."

What an amazing moment for the mom and baby. It's so interesting to see how animals react to newborn babies and pregnant women. 

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Dolphins also breastfeed their babies when they are born. 


Delphinus World describes, "Six hours after the birth, the mothers begin to breastfeed their young with colostrum that provides antibodies that help protect the young during the first hours of life." 

They also say that "During the first months of life, the mother will breastfeed at least four times an hour during the first 4 to 8 days, until two years after birth." 

The dolphin babies need the nutrients and fats from the milk to develop healthily, like human babies. 


Isn't it interesting how animals act around mommies and pregnant women? 

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