Are Empaths Ever Happy? How To Find Happiness Despite All Those Emotions

Let's get empathetic.

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Empaths go through so many emotions in one day. When you have that extra emotional sensitivity, it might feel impossible to be happy. 

It is easy for empaths to become increasingly overwhelmed by their feelings in their life. But it's important for empaths to figure out the best ways to handle their emotions. 

They need to be able to live their life in a productive manner and get somewhere in life without losing it. 


It can be hard for empaths to succumb to their emotions without being able to come out of it. 

Each empath handles their emotions differently. So, if you have just figured out you are an empath, you may need some guidance on how to be happy and handle your emotional sensitivity.

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Working through emotions is a very important part of life for an empath because, without it, empaths become too overwhelmed to be productive and stable.

So, for empaths, there are lots of steps to actually working through their emotions so they can find happiness in life. 

1. Prioritize plenty of alone time.

Empaths are highly sensitive to emotions. Taking some time to yourself gives you time to recharge and overcome the overwhelming emotions that they may feel when interacting with others. 

2. Spend time in nature frequently.

Being in nature is very important for empaths because nature's calm provides empaths with the positive energy they need to heal. Spending time in nature also provides empaths with a needed escape from the technologically driven world. 


3. Limit your time with emotional vampires. 

Limiting your time with emotionally draining people will help you feel happier as a whole because you won't be taken advantage of and they won't be able to drain as much energy out of you as they would if you spent your usual time together.

4. Have deep and meaningful conversations.

Empaths thrive on deep and meaningful discussions. They need to talk about things that matter to find happiness in their social life.

5. Practice mindfulness daily.

It's important for an empath to center and calm their mind and body on a daily basis because it helps them work through their emotions and keeps them from becoming emotionally overloaded. 

6. Prioritize quiet time. 

Empaths definitely get overwhelmed by loud noises, music, and yelling. They need quietness to be able to think things through comfortably without being distracted.


7. Spend time with people who understand you.

In a romantic relationship, an empath can struggle with intimacy. Empaths easily become overwhelmed and can feel like they are losing themself so they pull back.

Empaths need clear boundaries in relationships. 

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8. Be open to love.

Empaths give to others most of the time. They are good at it. Empaths also do not like being a burden on their partner so it can be hard to accept love from their partner but this is a very important balance that empaths need to create so that they can be happy.

9. Let your past go.

Empaths are very prone to emotional distress. It can be hard for empaths to figure out how to handle experiences where they are filled with too many emotions because they feel so deeply. Empaths can struggle to work through their feelings so that they can move on.


Some ways to overcome your past would be to journal about your trauma. Seek a therapist to work through your emotions and work on breathing techniques when your triggers are pulled. Also, try meditating and forgiving yourself because empaths probably feel responsible for what happened to them. 

10. Try not to carry other people's burdens.

Empaths unconsciously take on other people's emotions. It's important for them to not make it their responsibility to fix other people's problems. 

11. Work in a comfortable environment.

Since empaths are so in touch with their emotions, they need a safe and emotionally comfortable environment to work in so that their time at work does not drain them of all their happiness. 


12. Do some fun hobbies.

Sometimes empaths need a way of channeling their nervous energy, so it's important for empaths to have many hobbies that will allow them to express their emotions in a constructive way. 

13. Practice self-compassion. 

Empaths need to be compassionate to themselves and not be too hard on themselves for things they feel, do, or do not do. It can be frustrating to be full of all these swirling emotions all the time, but it's important to recognize that you may not be doing good at the time so they need to give themselves comfort. 

14. Don't let anyone change you. 

If people tell empaths that they are too sensitive and that they need to stop taking things so personally, then empaths should not hang out with these people. Empaths need to be around people who care and understand your emotional side as well as accept it. Because when empaths surround themselves with people who care, they can be themselves.

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