Why One Inspirational Black Lives Matter Protestor's Sign Literally Has People In Tears

Better late than never.

Why One Inspirational Black Lives Matter Protestor's Sign Literally Has People In Tears facebook

A Black Lives Matter protestor's sign is going viral for its beautiful honesty.

In Bethel, Ohio-based protestor known as "Wheelz" showed up to the Black Lives Matter protests with a powerful sign.

He attended the small town protest that consisted of less than one hundred people while they were matched by nearly 700 counter-protesters. 

According to the Washington Post, the protests in Bethel quickly became super violent and increasingly hostile. The protesters were easily overrun by the counter-protesters, who began down protester's signs and forcing them out. 


Despite the negativity, Wheelz's sign made a positive impact. 

Society is commending him for actually taking the time to learn and change his views, then speaking up about it.

"Sometimes it takes longer than others ..., but when you get it you get it," A Facebook user wrote about Wheelz's sign, which read "sorry I'm late. I had a lot to learn."


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Someone else replied to the Facebook post saying, "This is a good man. There is so much strength in admitting you were wrong and actively changing." 

Another user wrote, "I literally read this and started crying. Like my eyes are blurry writing this. 'I'm sorry I'm late. I had a lot to learn.' This is one of the most powerful statements any of us could make."

Wheelz only stayed at the protest for a little while because the counterprotesters were tearing down the protester's signs, shouting derogatory slogans and racial slurs. 


Wheelz wrote in a Facebook comment, "the black civil rights movement were the biggest supporters of the disability rights movement that happened from the late 70s through the early 90s, there's no way I could just sit idly by and watch these folks continuously get destroyed through systemic racism. Unfortunately in our country, particularly small towns many believe if it doesn't impact them directly, they shouldn't do anything about it." 

Despite initially being a firm believer in "all lives matter," Wheelz admits he has learned so much more tolerance. 

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"I hope that the photo lets people of color know that despite popular stereotypes, they have the love and support of many people in rural communities. I also hope it lets people know that it’s OK to change your opinion when you’re presented with new evidence that clearly shows you were wrong," Wheelz wrote. 


"I used to be in the 'all lives matter' camp, which they all do but when individuals say black lives matter, it doesn’t mean only black lives matter. When you examine the evidence it’s very clear that this civil rights movement welcomes and advocates for people of many different backgrounds."

People have been very positive towards him in response to his posts. But he has experienced some negativity for what he has believed in. 

He said in another Facebook post, "I have thick skin and this cause is worth the abuse I've had to deal with. This is much bigger than any one individual." 

So, Wheelz is not letting anyone get in his way of supporting the Black Lives Matter cause. 


Above all else, Wheelz wants to keep this cause a positive one and he continues to shut down negativity and those who try and dismantle his credibility. 

He was even accused of being the son of racist parents, to which he had replied, "I want to make VERY CLEAR I wasn’t raised by racist parents. I’m a big believer in continually educating yourself, and that is what has brought me to this point. Let’s all be sure to keep the message clear and positive. Thanks for all the words of encouragement everyone."

After everything, Wheelz has become more tolerant and accepting through everything and he is the example that people's minds can be changed even after they are set in their own beliefs. 

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