20 Fun Relationship Compatibility Tests For Couples To Determine Whether Or Not You're Really Meant To Be

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20 Fun Relationship Compatibility Tests For Couples To Determine Whether Or Not You're Really Meant To Be

Real relationship compatibility is about a lot more than just how much love a couple has for one another.

When you are looking to see if you and your partner are compatible, you need to do things together that will give you insights on how the other person will react in certain situations. These are things you need to know about your significant other that you will not be able to find out in any other type of situation.

In order to determine relationship compatibility, you really just have to spend time with each other and get to know each other’s quirks. 

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We all have our "things" we do that others might not understand. And you have to decide if you can handle how your partner acts in certain situations.

Time will tell though if you can get used to their quirks and if they can understand yours as well. 

You just have to put your relationship in the position to learn more about each other. 

Sometimes compatibility tests show that you are not compatible. But sometimes it can go and justify how perfect you are for each other. 

Here are some great relationship compatibility tests for you to do with your partner to see if you are actually perfect for each other as you expect you may be. 

Some of the types of compatibility tests below only can occur in certain parts of your relationship. 

Like if you are at the beginning of your relationship, you may want to go to the movies, whereas if you are a year or more into your relationship, you may want to try going on a vacation together or living together. 

Above all else, remember that you don’t have to do these activities in order, you can try them when it’s the right time for your relationship to go to that step. 

You move as fast or as slow as you want to because it’s your relationship and you and your partner are the only ones that can decide when you are ready or not ready. 

1. Travel together

Traveling together is a great way to learn about someone. You get to know if your partner is organized with a daily itinerary or if they are a wing-it type of person. You also can learn how they pack and how patient they are when they are stuck at the airport or have long wait times. 

2. Run errands together

Going to the store is a great way to learn about each other. You can go to the grocery store and learn so much about their eating habits. You can go to antique stores and see how much they love to look at secondhand items.

Going to the mall will tell you if they are good at handling and saving money or if they are a super spender without regard to how much money they are spending.

3. Live together

Living together is a big step in a relationship. You learn so much about a person when they are comfortable and in their own setting.

You have to see if they have any quirks like leaving their dirty clothes on the floor or if they do things that make you uncomfortable. You never truly really know someone until you move in with them. 

4. Go to the movies together

Going to the movies together is an easy way to learn little things about your possible significant other.

It’s a great way to see if you can come up with a compromise on a movie choice for the evening or if they get irritated with you when you don’t want to see the same movie or if they insist on seeing their pick without any intent to change. 

5. Wash dishes together

Eating with each other at home can give you lots of insights into your partner. You can find out if they expect you to clean the dishes. Do you do the I cooked, you clean thing? Or do you like to help cooking and then you both do dishes.

Doing something as simple as washing dishes can tell you how this person will be later on if you are living with each other and what they will expect of you. 

6. Play games together

Playing games or video games with your significant other will give you insights as to whether or not they can take losing and if they are super serious. Will they put you down or make you feel guilty?

These are great things to know about your partner before you get involved with them because you want to be with someone who can take winning with grace, without bragging too much, and if they can handle losing without freaking out and spoiling the evening.

7. Assemble something together

Putting something together is another great way to learn about your partner. You can find something at stores like Ikea — the most notorious do-it-yourself store — and then work together to assemble it.

This activity will tell you how easily they get frustrated and if you can work together efficiently as a couple.

8. Exercise together

Exercising together can not only make working out fun but is also a learning experience! You can find out about your significant other how much they like to push boundaries and their bodies or if they like to casually treat their body with kindness.

Also, if they are nice and complimenting or mean and nasty, it can tell you whether or not you can handle that with your partner on a day to day basis.

9. Cook a meal together

Cooking a meal together will show you how much fun they are in a domestic setting and if you can work together well to follow a recipe.

10. Go on a road trip together

Going on a road trip with your partner will show you similar things like going on vacation with your significant other. You can see if they are good at following directions, if they get irritated with other drivers, if they have road rage or not, and if you can stand being in such a small space with each other for long periods of time.

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11. Wait in line together

When you have to wait in line with your significant other, it will show you how patient your partner is. If they can stand there without complaining or getting frustrated. 

12. Join a group together

Joining a group or membership with your partner is a step towards commitment to each other. It’s a tangible way that you start getting used to handling things together as a unit. 

13. Get drunk together

A fun thing, getting drunk together will show you how your significant other will act when they drink. Is your partner violent, argumentative, funny, sappy, happy, frisky, or sleepy when they drink?

You need to know because if you want to go out in your relationship, you have to know if they are going to abuse you during those times. 

14. Go on a double date

It’s also important that you go on double dates with your friends and their friends. You have to get to know each other’s friends because it will give you an insight into who your partner likes to hang out with.

Because we love to be around those who are like us, getting to know your significant other’s friends will show you what your partner is really like.

15. Organize a party or a trip

Organizing something can give you great insights because you have to be able to think about everything. You have to decide on what to do, how much you are willing to spend, which tells you how they are with spending money. It will also show you if you are compatible in doing things with a purpose together.

16. Do a puzzle

Doing a puzzle will also give you an idea of how they strategize and how they do things. You will also figure out how organized they are and will be in life situations.

17. Make a budget

Making a budget will give you a greater insight into how they like to plan money or if they throw caution to the wind and rack up credit card debt. This is something important you need to know for a long term relationship. 

18. Spend time apart

Taking breaks or spending time apart will show you if they are super clingy, or if they can handle being apart for periods of time. You don’t want to have to spend all the time with your partner. You both need space as well. But spending time apart will help you grow closer together.

19. Go window shopping

Going window shopping will tell you more about each other’s likes and dislikes. It’s just a way for you to dream and fantasize about the future with each other. You will also get a better idea of their taste in material objects.

20. Binge-watch Netflix

Binge-watching Netflix will show you if your partner is good at sitting for long periods of time without doing something or if they have to do something else while they are watching TV. You will also find out if they can handle being inside for long times and if they like to snuggle or have space. 

Overall, you can find so much about your partner by doing simple activities to make sure you are compatible while progressing into a serious relationship. 

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