18 Best Apps For Coping With Anxiety

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18 Best Apps For Anxiety

In this fast-paced, technology-driven world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and stressed out.

Anxiety is extremely common but can feel very isolating. When your worries are causing sleepless nights, disrupting your daily tasks, or even inciting full-blown panic attacks, knowing how to deal with anxiety is challenging.  

Our electronic devices sometimes cause us more harm than good. Getting caught up in work emails, mindless social media posts, and negative news updates can wear you out.

But that’s only because, often, we’re not making use of the benefits of technology.

Some app developers have made it their mission to correct some of the negative stigmas around mental health by making easily accessible apps that normalize and overcome anxiety. 

Of course, nothing can replace reaching out to loved ones or even mental health professionals for support.

However, the best apps for anxiety and mindfulness can help you make some small but important changes in your daily life to invite more inner peace. 

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1. Headspace

Finding moments of peace throughout your day has never been easier with this app.

You can use the app for guided meditations, quick mindfulness exercises, and much more. It’s great for easing stress and helping you manage your anxiety triggers.

Headspace, free with bonus content for $12.99/month

2. Happify

Happify works to change your daily habits that might be contributing to stress. If meditation isn’t working for you, this is an awesome activity-based app that will give you personalized daily quizzes to monitor your progress.

Happify, free with bonus content for $11.67/month

3. Rootd 

Rootd is an inspiring female-led company that helps you track your mood and anxiety. I especially love this app for panic attack relief as it features an emergency contact button, so you can reach out to a loved one if you’re in distress. 

Rootd, free with bonus content for $6.99/month 


This app is beautifully designed with a soothing interface that calms you as soon as you click into it.

It tailors your mindfulness exercises to your personal needs unlike a lot of apps that generalize anxiety. You can also use their audio exercises to calm you down during a panic attack or a stressful encounter. 

DARE, free with bonus content for $3.99/month

5. Acupressure: Heal Yourself

Acupressure features a bunch of little exercises that you can do anywhere. This is great for when you're in a stressful situation and don’t have time to meditate.

It works on your pressure points to relieve tension, anxiety, and even headaches. All you have to do is search for your symptom and follow the instructions. 

Apple, $1.99

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6. TalkLife

It always helps to talk to someone about your problems, but telling the ones close to you is intimidating.

TalkLife connects you with others who are experiencing the same feelings you are, but in a safe, judgment-free chatroom. You can share advice and coping mechanisms, or just have a chat. 

TalkLife, free with in-app purchases

7. Sleep Time

A good night's sleep cures a lot, including stress and anxiety.

Sleep Time tracks your sleeping patterns to help you gauge what is keeping you up and when you are most restful. It also features soothing soundscapes to help you rest, and a wake-up algorithm that eases you into your morning. 

Azumio, free with in-app purchases

8. Calm

Calm is a does-it-all app that offers mindfulness advice, meditation guides, and sleep analysis. It's no wonder this app is one of the most popular mindfulness apps in the App Store!

Calm, free with in-app purchases


This app was developed by neuroscientists who use music to influence cognitive states. You choose if you want to relax, focus, meditate, or even sleep, and the app will generate an appropriate soundtrack for your needs.

You can test out its 5 session trial while studying, doing some yoga, or just chilling on the couch., $6.99/month

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10. Worry Watch

Worry Watch works kind of like a prompt journal to help you track and overcome your anxieties.

The app asks you to write down the causes of your stress and invites you back later to reflect on the outcome or how your mood changed. It tracks your thought patterns and will help you realize your worries.

Worry Watch, $2.99

11. SuperBetter

Two different studies claimed that this app improves psychological well-being. SuperBetter frames your life as a game with small, challenging quests that will lead you to bigger goals.

It helps put daily disappointments and struggles in perspective by encouraging you to focus on your long-term growth rather than your immediate struggles.

SuperBetter, free

12. TalkSpace 

If you’re familiar with therapy, you’ll know the value of consulting professionals to help to cope with your worries (no matter how big or small). This app connects you with therapists in your area who will offer video chats, phone calls, and texts to coach you through daily life. 

TalkSpace, $49/week

13. Colorfy

This adult coloring book app encourages a peaceful concentration that will distract you from your anxious thoughts.

You can choose from pre-loaded images or upload your own sketches, and the click-to-fill function means you’ll never have to worry about going outside the lines.

Colorfy, free with in-app purchases

14. What’s Up?

Among many other things, this anxiety app helps you practice self-acceptance by encouraging you to confront and understand your fears, rather than run from them in shame.

The diary feature allows you to track your progress, and the app's positive quotes and fun metaphors help users focus on feeling good all day.

Apple, free

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15. ReachOut Breathe

Breathing exercises offer immediate solace in times of stress or panic.

This app is great to reach for whenever you feel overwhelmed. Simply input how many minutes you have spare, and the app will offer you a breathing exercise for that length of time. 

ReachOut, free

16. Mindshift

For more specific issues like phobias, social anxieties, or perfectionism, this app offers tailored coping plans that are specific to your needs. The exercises are based on researched Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to help you adopt long-term coping strategies. 

Apple, free with in-app purchases

17. MoodMission

If you love playing games on your phone, get MoodMission. It makes mindfulness tasks more fun and engaging by rewarding you for achieving certain goals like going for a walk or meditating.

It draws from so many different coping mechanisms so you can find out exactly what works for you. 

MoodMission, free with in-app purchases

18. Sanvello

Sanvello is offering free access during the coronavirus pandemic in response to newfound anxiety.

If you are someone who is finding the current state of affairs challenging on your mental health, definitely check this app out. It features many coping exercises that walk you through your bouts of anxiety and stress. 

Sanvello, free

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