Meaning Of The Spider Animal Totem

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Meaning Of The Spider Animal Totem

Spiders are among the animal totems and each has unique spiritual meaning.

What's the meaning of a spider totem animal?

Spiders remind us of dark alleys, dark forests, and empty attics. Their web-like homes represent abandonment, uncleanliness, and danger.

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Spiders represent numerous things. They indicate being caught in a web of lies, anxiety, and an increase of trust issues.

Similar to a fly on a web, we feel trapped either in life, jobs, or financial struggles.

Also, beware of launching out to a tempting destination, because these types of dreams indicate a trap.

According to Sigmund Freud, spiders resemble phallic mothers that are possessive.

If the spider is chasing you in your dreams, then most likely you feel trapped and you desire freedom.

Also, if you have arachnophobia, this could associate fear into your dreams.

A spider’s web is thirty times thinner than actual hair.

This might indicate also in your dreams, that you’re not seeing answers that are in front of you.

There’s a reason why spiders give us the creeps.

At a young age, anything that crawls or slithers our baby nerves shake. Nothing about it is the same as dreaming about a puppy.

Spider animal totem — webs

There are four types of spider webs.


This is a common web that’s shaped like a wheel. This web foreshadows certain events to come into your life quickly. Make sure you stay alert, and look at the bigger picture.


This horizontal web lets you know that you lack communication. As a part of your survival, communication will be the key to motivate you to focus.


Interestingly enough, this web means you’re entering a journey with a tragic end. This is similar to a spider jumping at the bottom of the funnel to catch its prey.


Usually, when you see these webs, it means spiders have abandoned them. This web potentially means you’re moving forward in life, even if it means abandoning plans.

Spider animal totem — meaning of one crawling to you.

This foreshadows danger in your life. In ancient beliefs, spiders crawling on you can mean you’re missing vital information.

This is due to the hair on spiders that connects to their nervous system, which conveys information on body movements.

Spider animal totem — meaning of a spider running away or at you.

If a spider is running away from you, this means approaching your job about its condition.

Stay positive and be aware. If a huge spider is chasing you, this could indicate conflict or a female controlling your life.

Connect with yourself and practice standing your ground.

If a spider chases you then kiss your innocence goodbye.

Focus on maturing in your stages of life, so you’re not running away from your responsibilities.

Why spiders totem animals in our dreams turns into nightmares.

Either you’re the manipulator or you’re the one being manipulated.

This can also come from worry and concerns about your future.

Perhaps, you’re afraid you won’t land the special gig you’ve been wanting, or you’ll be rejected if you express how you feel to someone.

If the spider in your nightmare is biting you, this could indicate that you have an unhealed wound.

This type of wound is usually emotional either from the present or past.

If you’re caught in a web, then you’re in a sticky situation.

Perhaps you’re taking on multiple projects at once, you’re tangled up in a relationship you don’t know how to get out of.

If you’re cleaning up the webs, that indicates that you should entangle yourself from your professional or emotional relationship.

Interestingly, if you see children caught in a web, then you should expect reward ahead of you.

It could be from the recognition of hard work or achievements from difficult tasks.

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Spider totems have the ability to represent creativity in our dreams.

Even though we have an initial fear of crawling creatures, spiders are not always an emblem of fear.

They have the ability to represent creators for constructing webs, while also representing feminine energy.

Their bodies as well as their number of legs represent the number eight which is the symbol of infinity.

This indicates infinite creativity that’s within us. While some cringe at the sight of a spider, others are in awe of its fascination and mythology.

Most of the time when you dream about spiders, it’s sharing feminine energy power.

If you’re trying to steer away from them in your dreams, then most likely you’re repressing feminine energy in your life.

If you’re more accepting of it, then you’re more likely to have the energy headed your way.

Animal spider totem meanings in dreams.

Poisonous spider totems

There’s a threat in your life that could hinder your well-being. This could be any excess, relationships, substance abuse, or career, according to Richmond who told the Huffington Post.

White spider totems

Represent healing, hope, and positive energy.

Black widow totems

Represent dishonesty, terror, and disappointment

Non-poisonous red spider totems

Represents guard, happy, and passion.

Green spider totems

It represents calm, sadness, and time to recover.

Blue spider totems

Moving on, engagement, and content.

Yellow spider totems

Happy, random events, and strangeness.

Orange spider totems

Generosity, liveliness, and sociability.

Pink spider totems

Love, joy, sweetness, and happiness.

Purple spider totems

Royalty, high rank, justice, and wealth.

Spots on spiders - stressful times will pass.

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