40 Things You Should Never Take For Granted

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40 Things You Should Never Take For Granted

By Brittany Christopoulos

In moments of chaos, devastation, and uncertainty, it’s easy to forget the simple things we’re lucky to have and take for granted, because we’re so consumed with fear and panic.

It doesn’t matter how much of a nightmare of a reality we’re living in. What matters is that you’re acknowledging what sucks and what’s actually really great. 

In a time when we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, it’s important to reflect on the good things we have and show our appreciation for them.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve really taken the time to focus on the things I’ve taken for granted and have made it a priority to vocalize my appreciation for these blessings.

Here are 40 things you should never take for granted.

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1. Having a bed to sleep on

And a roof over your head. 

2. Having the same “boring” schedule every day during the week

At least you’re alive to live through it.

3. Having the ability to shower

Even if it isn’t the perfect temperature.

4. The food stocked in your fridge

Even if you don’t like it.

5. Having a job

Whether you like it or not.

6. The ability to hug somebody, even if it makes you uncomfortable

Sometimes physical contact is all we need to feel better.

7. Your health

That's a given.

8. Waiting in line at a grocery store

Now that grocery shopping is even worse, don’t you miss it?

9. Going out with friends

Even when you don’t feel like it.

10. Commuting to work

Even our daily drive is something we can take for granted.

11. Human connection, even if it breaks your heart

The happiness, joy, and comfort make it all worth it.

12. Running for errands

With your mom, friends, boyfriend, or anyone.

13. Spontaneity

Spontaneous moments are beautiful.

14. The things that entertain you

This includes, books, movies, art, and music.

15. Your education

Even if it doesn’t lead you to where you want to be in life. 

16. Ever-changing weather patterns

We often forget how beautiful the changes in weather can be.

17. The clothes in your closet

Even if they’re out of style or dated.

18. Alone time

We all need some.

19. Holding a baby

The innocence is so pure and comforting.

20. Going to a movie theater to see a new movie for the first time

What a thrill and simple joy it is!

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21. Getting older

We are so lucky to live to see another year.

22. Picking up fast food on the way home after a stressful day

Just because you didn’t feel like cooking.

23. Your career

No matter what stage you’re in.

24. Dancing all your inhibitions away

And doing it with your friends.

25. Having a bad day

Every day is valuable.

26. Doing something with your dad you really don’t want to do

But you do it to make him happy and spend time with him.

27. Seeing waves crash against the shore

Gorgeous sight.

28. Family dinners

Even if they are loud, crazy, awkward, and a tight fit.

29. Belting your heart out with your friends

Either on a long drive or at the club. 

30. Not getting an Uber or cab

And having to walk for a long time.

31. Having to wait to get into a club

Or get a table at a restaurant. 

32. Going to a concert to feel the rush of live music

Even if someone tall is blocking your view.

33. Watching the sunset

From any destination in the world.

34. Fresh air

Taking a deep breath.

35. Having a good visit with someone you care about

Or even someone you aren’t close with.

36. Someone canceling plans

Or running late for a date. 

37. Falling in love

Even if it’s with the wrong person.

38. Opportunity

No matter how new, scary, challenging, or daunting. Try anything and everything you possibly can, because you’ve been lucky enough for it to be a possibility.

39. Saying “I love you”

To someone or everyone you’re close to. 

40. All of these wonderful things together

And how lucky you are to have them all. 

I won’t lie, writing this list made me extremely emotional. I found myself typing it with tears streaming down my face and a heaviness in my chest.

What I wouldn’t do to have the ability to do these things right now. It really put things into perspective for me, and I hope you can find the power and strength to create a list of your own.

Things will calm down and they will get better. But whenever we finally get some normalcy again, please remember not to take these things for granted ever again.

We will have lived through a horrible time and if that can’t help you see with more clarity and appreciation for the great things we’re lucky to have, nothing will.

I hope you find a way to come out of this darkness and see the bright light on the other side. There may be a flicker, but it’s still a start. Hang in there.

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Brittany Christopoulos is a writer who focuses on self-care, mental health, and health and wellness. For more of her mental health content, visit her Twitter page.

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