5 Steps To Help You Move Homes During Coronavirus

Proceed with caution.

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Moving can be a bit of a nightmare at the best of times. Trying to pack up your entire life into boxes and transport it to a new location is a serious struggle. Adda global crisis and nationwide stay-at-home orders into the mix, and things are even more challenging.

Summer is possibly the most common time to move houses. With many leases set to expire in the coming months, you might be starting to feel a little anxious at the prospect of moving during coronavirus, where even going out to the store is difficult.


For renters, many states have implemented policies that will allow renters to pay month to month without having to sign a new lease, and some have even suspended evictions. Know your rights and discuss your options with your landlord. 

Unfortunately, some of you might find yourselves with no option but to find a new home at this time. While this is stressful, it’s not impossible to have a quick and safe move in the midst of this pandemic.

Here's how to move during coronavirus. Just follow some simple guidelines and take necessary precautions for the protection of yourself and others.

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1. Make use of virtual tours.

Most realtors and agents are offering to video call clients in order to show them the property. Ask for this option, as it means you won’t have to make any unnecessary travel.

Not being able to see the property in person means you won’t get a full feel for your new home, so make sure to ask plenty of questions. Inquire about insulation, potential repairs, or even smells.

This way, you get a full scope of the place and can make an informed decision. You don’t want any gross surprises on moving day!

If you’re moving in with new roommates, make sure you’re comfortable with their quarantine practices. Are they working from home? Will they be coming and going from outside?


2. Stay safe and avoid scams.

Some people out there aren't getting the whole “We’re all in this together” thing, and are using this pandemic to take advantage of people. So, be extra careful when it comes to handing over deposits and rent.

Where possible, use a credited agent and make sure to get an electronic copy of your signed lease before paying up. Do lots of research on the area the property is on, and even ask for an outdoor tour so you know it's legit.

Have the landlord leave the keys in a lockbox so you don’t have to be in direct physical contact with them. This is for their safety as well as your own. 

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3. Choose a moving method with minimal contact.

If you can avoid hiring movers and transport your belongings yourself, do so. It’s pretty hard to keep a six-foot distance between a group of strangers dragging your bed frame out your front door!

Consider hiring a van to move larger items yourself. If this isn't an option that applies to you, ask your moving company about the social distancing measures they are taking at this time.

Many movers are also offering virtual estimates and will keep a safe distance away from you at all times on moving day. 

4. Use fresh packing supplies.

To avoid having to make multiple trips to a grocery store to get used boxes or packaging, purchase new ones online or from a moving company.


Studies show that coronavirus can live on cardboard for up to 24 hours. This has prompted the American Moving and Storage Association to advise people to get new, clean supplies to box up their homes.

If you’re using movers, ask them if they can supply boxes and try to pack ahead of time. This means your movers will only have to touch the boxes and not your items.  

5. Sanitize everything!


“Wash your hands” is pretty much the global mantra for 2020. You probably know this already, but having strict hygiene practices is the most effective way to minimize coronavirus spreading.

Use a mask on moving day and maybe even gloves (just make sure you are using them properly). Ensure that everyone involved in the moving process is protecting themselves, too.

Stock up on plenty of hand sanitizer and make use of the sinks at both your old homes and new one by washing hands upon arrival. Disinfect as you unpack by using a spray and cloth, or throwing clothes and soft furnishings through the wash. Clean any and all surfaces in your new home, too. 

Happy moving day!


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