How Did Corey La Barrie Die? Inside The Tragic Death Of YouTube Star — And How 'Ink Masters' Star Daniel Silva Is Involved

Rest in peace, Corey La Barrie.

How Did Corey La Barrie Die? Inside The Tragic Death Of YouTube Star — And How 'Ink Masters' Star Daniel Silva Is Involved Youtube

Australian YouTuber Corey La Barrie seemed to be heading for the top. He'd developed a huge following both on YouTube (where he had almost 350,000 subscribers) and Instagram (where he had more than a million followers). He was known for his funny, yet still respectful and sweet, comedic ways. And his popularity was only promising to continue to rise. 

Yet, on Sunday, May 10th, 2020 — on his 25th birthday — La Barrie lost his life. 


How did Corey La Barrie die — and what does Daniel Silva have to do with it? 

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Let's look at what we know about this awful tragedy. 

Corey La Barrie died in a car crash. 


On Sunday, May 10th, 2020, Corey La Barrie was in the passenger seat of a McLaren sports car when the car suddenly crashed into a street sign — and, subsequently, a tree. La Barrie was in the passenger seat of the car when the crash happened and it was the passenger side of the vehicle which took the brunt of the crash. La Barrie was killed on impact. 

The car was being driven by Ink Master star Daniel Silva. 

Daniel Silva, who appeared in the Ink Master: Angels season of the hit tattooing reality show, was the driver of the sports car in question. Reports from the scene say he suffered pretty serious injuries — including a broken hip — but he is ultimately expected to survive. 



A post shared by Daniel Silva (@danielsilva) on Apr 18, 2020 at 10:54am PDT

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Was Silva driving under the influence? 

According to Jarrad La Barrie (Corey La Barrie's brother), Silva and La Barrie were both intoxicated when the McLaren crashed. Silva and La Barrie were reportedly enjoying a drink for La Barrie's 25th birthday before deciding to hop into the car "for a quick drive." What's more, because the car Silva was driving was going at maximum velocity, La Barrie was killed on impact. It's not clear, as of yet, if La Barrie would have survived if Silva was going slower, as the accident is still under investigation. 

You can see Jarrad La Barrie's accusatory post below.

La Barrie posted a creepy video just 24 hours before his death. 


In a video which you can see above, La Barrie talked extensively about his birthday celebration. He said that he would be "practicing social distancing" at his birthday party, and would be deleting the video shortly after his birthday livestream on Twitch happened. While it's unclear whether La Barrie did, indeed, livestream any portion of his birthday, it's clear he wasn't able to take his final video down.

The La Barrie family has not made any public funeral announcements. 

As of this writing, the La Barrie family has not made any public funeral announcements. We will, however, keep you posted of any development if, indeed, the family does decide to hold a public vigil for the YouTube star.


Silva is reportedly going to be charged with murder in the death of Corey La Barrie. 

While Silva is convalescing for his broken hip, he's also reportedly in a lot of trouble. According to the initial report about the crash, Silva is looking at murder charges. He will most likely be arraigned when he is released from the hospital, but we will keep you apprised of any developments. 

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Our thoughts are with Corey La Barrie's family and friends during this undoubtedly difficult time.

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