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Does Kim Jong Un Have A Body Double? Why People Are Convinced After New Photos Emerge

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Does Kim Jong Un Have A Body Double? Why People Are Convinced After New Photos Emerged

There's been a lot of buzz about North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and his declining health over the last few weeks, including reports that he's brain dead or dying ... but now, it seems like he may be just fine.

After sightings of Un over the weekend seemingly confirmed that he's doing well and is still alive, people are wondering if the photos may actually just be a hoax.

Does Kim Jong Un have a body double?

Or has he been fine the whole time? Here's what we know about this theory so far.

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Reports surfaced in April that Un was dead. 

After multiple reports that Un was in poor health after heart surgery, news outlets in China and Japan reported that Un had died. Supposedly, he had been in a vegetative state after his surgery and had finally passed away, but the news was never officially confirmed, making people wonder what was really going on in North Korea.

Then, on Saturday, photos of Un at a ribbon cutting ceremony appeared. 

On May 2, Un appeared at a May Day event, marking the first time he'd been seen in public since the rumors began. He was reportedly seen laughing, talking, and smoking, and nothing appeared to be amiss — in fact, he even gave a speech at the opening of a fertilizer plant.

"When the Sunchon Phosphatic Fertilizer Manufacturing Plant goes into operation, it will represent a historical development in our country's fertilizer industry, it will be a glorious revolution and a splendid display of our nation's great economic potential, and it will be an uplifting banner that assures us of the achievements of our country's general economic frontline," he reportedly said at the event.

But theorists on Twitter aren't convinced that was the real Un.

After seeing photos of Un at the ceremony, people on Twitter quickly chimed in to share the photos from that day side by side with older photos of Un, pointing out that there were differences in his ears, wrists, and face that could indicate that the person who made the appearance may not have been Un at all, but actually a body double.

Some think the man at the ribbon cutting had different teeth.

Another tell tale sign that conspiracy theorists claimed meant that Un wasn't the man pictured? His teeth, which seemed to have a gap in the more recent pictures. Either Un's appearance had changed quite a bit, or the man in the newer photos wasn't the same Un we've seen before — but unsurprisingly, North Korea hasn't commented on these claims.

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Reportedly, he's used body doubles in the past.

There have also been claims that Un is known for using a body double, who he reportedly travels with to protect himself from assassination attempts. In 2017, he was also filmed talking to two men who looked like him, and those men are thought to have been his doubles at that time. Again, he's never outright confirmed that he's used these body doubles in the past, and it will likely remain a mystery for a long time.

But does Kim Jong Un have a body double? That question can't be answered for sure. 

It's still not clear if Un's body double is the man pictured at Saturday's event, but at this point, it seems like we may not get answers anytime soon, especially with how closed off North Korean media is to the rest of the world. We'll just have to wait and see ... and surely, even more conspiracy theories will develop in the meantime. 

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