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Here Are 5 Ways To Have Better Sex After Menopause When You Have Vaginal Dryness

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How To Have Better Sex After Menopause With Treatment For Vaginal Dryness & Pain

If vaginal dryness due to menopause is putting a wrench in your sex life, don’t worry.  You can have better, more pleasurable sex and feel good despite this common symptom.

Sex before, during and after menopause can often be painful or just plain unappealing because of vaginal dryness.

An active, healthy sex life is important for couples at any age and can cause relationship problems if disrupted. 

Connection and intimacy could be a great way to curb your anxiety and spend more quality time at home with your partner. But if vaginal dryness has been an issue for you, adding more sex to your quarantine routine may not sound all that fun.

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“Tired of vaginal dryness?  So are we. Research and clinical studies have provided an excellent and natural alternative to estrogen and HRTs in combating vaginal dryness and the limitations it can place on millions of women (and their relationships).”  - Membrasin Life Sciences Team

Ready to have good sex again? Here are a few ways you can combat one of the worst perimenopause and menopause symptoms; vaginal dryness and pain with sex.

Try a natural vaginal moisture supplement to combat menopause dryness for the long-term

A vaginal moisture supplement, like the Membrasin® Vitality Pearls, (Get 10% off) is a unique, long-term, natural solution to vaginal dryness.

Unlike lubricants used during sex, Membrasin Vitality Pearls are supplements taken orally on a daily basis. 

It works from the inside out to naturally restore your own lubrication, regenerate vaginal lining, and relieve itching and burning in the vagina. 

SBA24®, the ingredient in Membrasin® Vitality Pearls, diffuses through the stomach, entering the bloodstream and finally, nourishes the mucous membranes that keep your vagina healthy.

This proprietary blend of Sea Buckthorn, fruit, and seed oils is the only clinically proven natural formula for vaginal dryness.

Sea Buckthorn (a plant that has historically been used as a medicine) is known to protect mucous membranes, slow down the aging process, and heal the skin.

Not only is Membrasin® with SBA24® the only clinically tested vaginal moisture supplement, it’s also estrogen-free! 

Keep in mind that like all dietary supplements, this isn’t a quick-fix. It can take up to 90 days to be effective for some women, though results can be experienced as early as 2-4 weeks.

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Have an open discussion about sex and vaginal dryness with your partner

One way to have better sex after menopause is to be open and honest with your partner about vaginal dryness.

There’s no reason to be embarrassed or feel bad about this common menopause symptom. 

Opening up to your partner can do a world of good when trying to improve your sex life.

Express the emotions that you have around the situation so that they know how you feel. Your partner may be more understanding than you might think.

Aside from expressing your feelings, this is a good time to discuss ways you can improve your sex life together. 

Consider alternative ways to be intimate other than intercourse

Intimacy doesn’t always mean intercourse. If you’re having relationship problems because vaginal dryness is damaging your sex life, there’s hope.

There are other forms of intimate sexual acts that can be just as satisfying as sex.

Discuss these options with your partner and decide on something that is comfortable (and pleasurable) for the both of you.

Being intimate without actual penetration can offer just as much connection without the pain caused by vaginal atrophy. 

Stay healthy with diet and exercise

A healthy diet and exercise are always important. When it comes to vaginal dryness caused by menopause, the same applies.

While healthy foods alone probably won’t cure your menopause symptoms, they can certainly help.

In fact, some foods have been shown to be particularly beneficial over others. 

Plant fats, for example, have been shown to help increase sex drive.

Omega-3 fatty acids and Sea Buckthorn have been shown to help remedy vaginal atrophy in menopausal women.

And, according to studies, soy has been shown to be beneficial in helping women combat vaginal dryness (think, edamame, tempeh, and miso.) 

The fats in avocado have been shown to help enhance estrogen levels, and leafy greens like kale, spinach, and chard have been shown to assist in decreasing vaginal dryness. 

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Practice self care

How you feel can absolutely have an effect on your sexual behavior.  Reducing stress is key and taking time to take care of yourself is so important. 

Vaginal dryness alone can cause emotional stress, not to mention everything else we deal with day to day.  Here are a few tips to start with.

1. Be consistent with your moisture supplements and moisture-enhancing creams

2. Be intentional in treating yourself to a few feminine indulgences, if cost is a concern, at-home spa treatments and doing your own nails can help you feel sexy without breaking the bank

3. Menopause is tough.  Impact on self-image and emotional swings can be helped by staying active--more active choices like walking after dinner, opting for the stairs instead of the elevator, or even at-home yoga will help your energy levels and can help get you in the mood for intimacy

Vaginal dryness is a common symptom of menopause and can put a wrench in your sex life.

If you want to remedy relationship problems caused by this downturn in intimacy, combating vaginal dryness is a great place to start. 

Shannon Ullman is a writer who focuses on women’s health, sex, and relationships. 

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