Who Is Justin Trudeau's Wife? New Details On Sophie Grégoire Trudeau Who Tested Positive For Coronavirus

She and the Prime Minister are currently in quarantine.

Who Is Justin Trudeau's Wife? New Details On Sophie Grégoire Trudeau Who Tested Positive For Coronavirus

She is considered the most powerful woman in Canada thanks to her marriage to Justin Trudeau, the country's 23rd prime minister. She started out as a TV host before she became the wife of the prime minister, and now that she's married to Trudeau, she's turned her efforts to charity work and public speaking. She's known throughout Canada, for her devotion to causes that are near and dear to the poor, and disenfranchised, women and children of the country, and she's well-loved and respected for her commitment to equal rights for all. 


Yet, unfortunately, she recently tested positive for COVID-19, better known as the Coronavirus. This positive testing forced her and her husband to go into quarantine. 

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So, who is Justin Trudeau's wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau? Let's look at what we know about her.

1. Who is Justin Trudeau's wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau? She worked as an entertainment reporter for the Canadian network LCN.

Trudeau got her start as a receptionist at an advertising firm, but said that she "found her calling" in the world of media. When the Canadian network LCN advertised an opening for an entertainment reporter, she applied and got the job. She then went on to work for a variety of other networks, including CTV, where she hosted the popular eTalk show. 

2. She has a Meghan Markle connection.

Yes, believe it or not, Trudeau has a connection to Duchess Meghan Markle. Back in 2005, Trudeau hired a woman by ttihe name of Jessica Mulroney to be her personal stylist. Despite Mulroney's father-in-law reportedly having a "cool" relationship with the prime minister, Mulroney pulled off her job quite well and was credited with dressing the prime minister's wife "to the nines and tens." Mulroney, as royal watchers know, is one of Duchess Meghan's best friends, and she was reportedly the woman behind the "blind date" between the Duchess and her now-husband, Prince Harry.

3. Trudeau met her husband when they were both children. 

While Trudeau and her now-husband weren't exactly "childhood sweethearts," they first met when they were children. Trudeau went to elementary school with Michel Trudeau, the prime minister's younger brother. However, they didn't start dating until 2003, when they were both commissioned to host a charity ball. 


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4. She recorded a song, "Smile Back at Me," in 2016. 

In 2016, Trudeau decided to sing a song she wrote — called "Smile Back at Me" — at the end of a speech she'd given in honor of the civil rights advocate Martin Luther King Jr. The song, which she wrote for her daughter, received mixed reactions from the Canadian media, with some saying it was "thoughtful," while others questioning its appropriateness.


5. Trudeau has three children.

The Trudeaus have three children: daughter Ella-Grace, and sons Xavier James and Hadrien Grégoire. The Trudeaus got engaged in October 2004, and were married in a Catholic ceremony in May 2005.

6. She reportedly contracted COVID-19 after a speaking engagement in the United Kingdom. 

On March 12, 2020, Trudeau said that she was experiencing flu-like symptoms after returning from a speaking engagement in the United Kingdom. She, and her husband (who has not tested positive for COVID-19, as he's showing no symptoms) then voluntarily went into isolation and after taking the necessary test, the office of the Prime Minister revealed that she'd tested positive for COVID-19, aka the coronavirus.

“Although I’m experiencing uncomfortable symptoms of the virus, I will be back on my feet soon,” she said in a statement. “Being in quarantine at home is nothing compared to other Canadian families who might be going through this and for those facing more serious health concerns.”


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