Who Is Matthew Broderick's Sister? Everything You Need To Know About Janet Broderick, Who Tested Positive For Coronavirus

We hope she's doing ok.

Who Is Matthew Broderick's Sister? Everything You Need To Know About Janet Broderick, Who Tested Positive For Coronavirus Getty Images

As more and more cases of COVID-19 are cropping up in the United States, it's starting to affect our favorite celebrities and their families, including Matthew Broderick.

On Thursday, it was reported that the actor's sister, Janet, has tested positively for the virus — and it's safe to assume she won't be the only recognizable name we hear who's in this situation in the coming weeks. In fact, Tom Hanks just revealed he and wife Rita Wilson tested positive for the virus, too.


So who is Matthew Broderick's sister? Here's everything you need to know about Janet Broderick and her current condition.

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1. Janet tested positive for the coronavirus after being in the presence of someone else who had it at church.



A post shared by All Saints' Church (@allsaintsbh) on Apr 28, 2019 at 11:34am PDT

Though 64-year-old Janet works at All Saints Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills, she contracted the illness at the Consortium of Endowed Episcopal Parishes conference in Louisville, Kentucky, where another person in attendance had the virus. After feeling sick when she returned home, Janet sought out healthcare at Cedars Sinai, where she was tested and treated while being placed in the ICU.


"After an initial assessment, she was moved to the ICU and placed under isolation. At that point, her care team moved forward with a test for Covid-19," a statement on All Saints' website said. "The results were returned today, and it has been determined that Janet has tested positive for the virus." 

2. The church says Janet's condition is currently stable.

"Janet’s current condition is stable, and she is being treated for a severe form of pneumonia," the church's statement continued. "She is receiving the best medical care available and her doctors’ prognosis is for a complete and full recovery. It will take some time, but Janet is resting comfortably at Cedars until the time she is released and can return home to complete her recovery." 

3. Janet herself has also spoken out. 

At the same time, the church also released a letter from Janet and according to her, she is recovering and in good spirits.

"I am through the worst of this and very very much on the mend," she wrote. "I asked my kids to bring me a coloring book and a LEGO set if that is any indication. (What I really want is Colorforms but they don’t make that anymore.) Jesus has been so close to me the whole time and scriptures have upheld me no kidding. Even at my worst, I felt his hand on me. My family have been so so loving and cared for me so well. We so look forward to being together again in worship, to praying with you and singing a hymn." 


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4. But who is Matthew Broderick's sister, Janet Broderick? She is a reverend.

Janet works as a reverend at All Saint's Episcopal, where she's been working since summer 2019. She has two adult children, Hannah and James, and when the church welcomed her as their new reverend, they shared a bit about her on their website.

"Janet’s ministry spans over three decades, serving as curate, vicar and numerous times as rector in both rural and urban settings, rich and poor, large and small, progressive and traditional," the site says. "She has inspired vitality, active cooperation, inclusivity, and imagination, leading people to a sincere and honest relationship with Christ and fostering a community of love, courage, and vision. With a good sense of humor and compassion, Janet encourages honesty and humility in those she leads." 

5. Broderick himself has yet to speak out. 

So far, Broderick has yet to issue a statement of his own about his sister's condition, but that's not too surprising, given that he doesn't have a presence on social media. His wife, Sarah Jessica Parker, hasn't spoken out, either, but the two are gearing up to star in Neil Simon's Plaza Suite on Broadway, which opens on March 13. 


6. This week, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were also diagnosed with COVID-19. 

Before Janet's diagnosis was announced, Tom Hanks confirmed that he and wife Rita Wilson had both tested positive for coronavirus themselves, sharing a statement on Instagram. 


"The Medical Officials have protocols that must be followed. We Hanks’ will be tested, observed, and isolated for as long as public health and safety requires. Not much more to it than a one-day-at-a-time approach, no?" he wrote. "We’ll keep the world posted and updated." 

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