Who Is Jordan Fisher's Fiancé? Meet 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' Star's Childhood Sweetheart Ellie Woods

John Ambrose McClaren might still be single, but Jordan Fisher is not.

Who Is Jordan Fisher's Fiancé? Meet 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' Star's Childhood Sweetheart Ellie Woods getty

After a very long wait, the sequel to To All The Boys I Loved Before has finally hit Netflix, and fans are falling In love with John Ambrose McClaren, who's played by Jordan Fisher.

Not that we aren't still totally crushing on Noah Centineo, of course, but Fisher is now officially on our list, too. But is he single? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is a big no. 

So who is Jordan Fisher's fiancé? Here's everything fans need to know about Ellie Woods, the woman who will be marrying John Ambrose in real life.


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1. Fisher announced his engagement back in May. 

After more than two years of officially dating, Fisher asked Woods to marry him last spring, popping the question with a 2.75 carat pear shaped diamond.


“It was the biggest surprise of my life!” Woods said in an interview at the time. “I’m a very hard person to surprise so the fact that he pulled it off, kudos to you, babe.”

2. Fisher shared footage of his sweet proposal on Instagram.



A post shared by Jordan Fisher (@jordan_fisher) on May 29, 2019 at 8:25am PDT

Fisher asked Woods to marry him in Birmingham, AL, where they both grew up. The actual proposal took place at Woods' parents' house, and they were surrounded by family and friends for their big moment. The video Fisher has shared of the proposal is actually really sweet — totally a tearjerking moment. 


“It’s a really special place for us, and when we started to pull into the neighborhood he was just going on about how we’ve been friends for so long and I wasn’t really picking up on it,” Woods said. “Then we pulled into my parents’ house and I was like, ‘What is that?’ We stopped, got out of the car and Jordan walked me to our backyard where there’s a little deck over the pond.”

3. But who is Jordan Fisher's fiancé? Her name is Ellie Woods. 

Woods recently graduated from the University of Alabama, where she studied clinical dietetics, and she can often be seen at Fisher's side no matter what he has going on — including on the red carpet at the premiere of To All The Boys: P.S I Still Love You. Her Instagram is filled with photos of her and Fisher together, as well as many pics of her hanging out with her friends, too. 

4. Fisher and Woods have known each other for a long time. 

In an interview last June, Fisher said that he and Woods first met as children, and that they were best friends long before they started dating, which made it easy for him to know right away that he wanted to marry her.

“Ellie’s amazing,” he said. “We grew up in a theater conservatory together, so she knows and respects and loves art and loves what I do and has been part of my career and my journey since the beginning.”


5. Woods frequently vlogs on YouTube.

On YouTube, Woods vlogs about big moments in her life, whether it's about turning 21 last year or her proposal from Fisher, which she sat in front of the camera to talk about in a video she uploaded last June. Woods already has almost 3,000 followers on the platform, though we wouldn't be surprised if that number rises now that all eyes are on Fisher.

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6. Fisher and Woods will be getting married this year.

When they announced their engagement, Fisher said that they were planning to get married sometime in 2020 (about a year after the proposal), to give them plenty of time to plan. It sounds like they're both looking forward to their future together, too.


“His goal in life is to have a family. I’m not an actress or in the entertainment industry in any way, so it was really important for me to find a husband that was grounded and had goals that were the same as mine,” Woods said at the time. “For us to both agree that family was the most important thing that we get out of life was a big sign for me.”

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