Is Georgina Chapman Dating Adrien Brody? Harvey Weinstein's Ex Moves On

This is definitely an interesting celebrity couple.

Is Georgina Chapman Dating Adrien Brody? Getty

It's been almost three years since Harvey Weinstein and his ex-wife, Georgina Chapman, divorced, but now, she's moving on — apparently, with a pretty famous celebrity.

Reportedly, Chapman has been seeing Adrien Brody, and it sounds like they've actually been together for months now.

So is Georgina Chapman dating Adrien Brody for real, or are these just rumors? Here's everything we know. 

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1. Chapman andG Weinstein divorced in 2017.

Weinstein married Chapman, the founder of Marchesa, back in 2007, but their marriage came to a screeching halt in 2017, around the same time that sexual assault allegations against him began to surface. In an interview, Chapman said she was blindsided by the scandal, and thought that she was in happy marriage with a man she loved.

“That’s what makes this so incredibly painful: I had what I thought was a very happy marriage. I loved my life," she said, admitting that he'd never given her a reason to be suspicious of him. 

2. In 2019, Chapman reportedly swore off dating.



A post shared by Georgina Chapman (@georginachapmanmarchesa) on Sep 27, 2017 at 6:33pm PDT

A report from May 2019 claimed Chapman wasn't dating and didn't plan to for a long time — after what she'd been through with Weinstein, it seemed she needed a break. 


“Georgina is not dating — at all. That is just not on the horizon," a source close to the family said at the time. "The past few years have been the hardest of her life, and all she is concerned about are her children.”

3. Last fall, Chapman and Brody were rumored to be seeing each other.

Back in September, rumors first surfaced that Chapman and Brody might be an item after they met at a party hosted by supermodel Helena Christensen. Chapman was said to be "the happiest she's been in ages," and reportedly, her family approved of the pairing, too. 

“Helena had invited them both to her swimwear launch in Puerto Rico, and they bonded over cocktails against a backdrop of various beautiful beaches,” a source claimed. “They stayed in touch when Georgina returned to London, and then arranged to go on a few low-key dates.”

4. Now, it sounds like they're still together.

A new report claims that Chapman and Brody are still together more than five months after those initial rumors started, according to an insider close to the designer. So far, there aren't any other details on this possible relationship, but combined with the earlier reports, it certainly seems like things are going well between them.


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5. But is Georgina Chapman dating Brody? So far, neither of them have confirmed the relationship officially. 

If they are together, Chapman and Brody are keeping their relationship as under the radar as possible. Neither of them have made an official statement about their relationship status in either direction, and as far as their social media accounts are concerned, neither of them seem to be in a relationship of any kind, including with each other. But they could also simply be wanting to keep their relationship private.


6. Weinstein was recently convicted. 

After years of accusations by many women and a long trial, on Monday, Weinstein was convicted of rape and a felony sex crime, and he is being held until he is sentenced on March 11. It took the jury five days of deliberation before they finally arrived at a guilty verdict, and Weinstein is currently in Bellevue Hospital's prison ward while being treated for heart palpitations and high blood pressure. 

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